sky ray protected 18650

has anybody tried these out?

I hope the cells are not as cheapish as the wrapper looks like.....

I could be wrong - I certainly don't know every type of bare cell out there - but I find myself instantly dubious of any cell marked as having a capacity of 3000mAh.

There are several cheap li-ion batteries these days marked as having 3000mAh capacity - Trustfire, Ultrafire, etc. - but the real question is, what bare cell has to be under the wrapper in order to have a genuine 3000mAh capacity?

The Samsung cell springs to mind, and that only achieves 3000mAh at a CV voltage of 4.35v. So even if these cells were being used (which I somewhat doubt) you would still not achieve 3000mAh if the cell were only being charged to 4.20v.

Not saying that these batteries are necessarily bad, they could be very good for all I know, but I do doubt that they will have a genuine capacity of 3000mAh.

ps - I do not recommend that people try charging their cheap 3000mAh cells to 4.35v, as these probably aren't Samsung cells.

I got a few (10) to test. So far, they are consistent at least. All have been within 75-100 mAh of each other so I don't think they are dumpster dive cells. (the Good news)

They are nowhere near 3000 mAh. So far the best discharge cycle (at .5) has given capacities in the 2200+/- 100 range for all of them. (The bad News)

Those capacities don't hold up as the discharge rate goes up though. At 2A, the capacities drop into the 1600s. (The Ugly News)

Probably not bad for a single cell application on a XPG or XRE but not the cells you want to power that new 3 x SST-90 monster.

Pretty rubbish i can safely say, even compared to flame trustfires 2400 whish are (apparently) the best if you're buying on the absolute cheapest possible. I don't take risks with such bateries so i always get a quality offering. The XY fires ar not my cup of tea but i admid havin a few in 16430 and 14500 form factir where decent quality ones are not so easy to find at reasonable price.

great info. Thanks