skyline 1 vs. masterpiece pro 1

is the masterpiece pro 1 a significantly better thrower than the skyline 1? I need to light up a man sized object at the greatest distance possible. All other considerations such as spill, beam pattern etc. do not matter. I would think that the pro2 with an mce would not throw as far but I dont know.

Another question. Would any of the newer XML throwers compete with the above lights for the above task?

Seem to be a few custom XM-L throwers out there , owners claim over 100,000Lux [ throw @ 1 meter ]

My highest would be 31,000Lux Skyline 1 ... But its a small hotspot

My HS 802 with MC-E was a decent thrower , but not over 20,000Lux , was it 15,000Lux ?

If you want a thrower , I would say Maglite Mod ...

Buy a 2D or 2C , for 8.4v , XM-L it , and set it up so you can focus the lens [ easy ] and you may have a reall thrower on your hands .

A least thats my plan ...

I was sort of thinking 25500 in a C .....

If mem serves there are more 25500's to chose from ... But I just did these as a quick link ...

I don't own either, but from the reports I've seen on CPF, the masterpiece pro-1 easily outthrows the skyline. I haven't seen a conclusive test of any XM-L thrower to suggest it will outthrow the masterpiece. (unless you pony up for the Thrunite catapult which will likely match it). BigChelis and others were claiming 20k lux for skyline and 48k lux for masterpiece.

Seems like most of the Maglite mods turn them into floody lights, not throwers.

There is one exception that I know of a guy who sells his own mods on a laser lights forum and I think he is at CPF as well.

ok thanks. I just ordered the masterpiece with the L2i body for $44 at solarforce-sales. That website and their descriptions drives me crazy. Sometimes I feel like im not quite sure what I ordered. We will see how it goes.

Sir John is right; the MP will out throw a Skyline I big time. From what I've read, it is a superb thrower. I have wanted one of those bad boys for so long. I may just buy the head and put it on one of my unused tubes. Will be great to hear how you like that big guy.


Man i'm glad to hear that. It looks like the deal over there is the masterpiece head with a L2i body and tailswitch. That works great for me because the L2i is my favorite.

I wonder if some people ordering that think the head they are getting will screw onto the L2i they are getting with it?

Okay Greg, dammit. What the hell have you done . . . I can't pass that deal up either. (why oh why did I read this thread)


One hour after I ordered that light I got a tracking number from them. What is the world coming to?

I was wondering about the fit myself and I dont see a problem with it. The head from an L2i will fit on an L2 tube. It is the same head. The L2i tube is wider but where the head attaches is the same. If the masterpiece fits on an L2 it should fit on an L2i. I just wonder what it will look like with the big ol head and stubby body. My guess? AWSOME!!!

Oh . . . that's right. It's late, I must be tired. Of course I (should have) knew that. I think the MP head is "HA III" like the L2P so, the L2i will be shiny black. Anyway, I ordered it - thanks for the heads-up. That's actually not a bad deal; they lowered the price a little and added an L2i. Wish theu would lower the price on the M8. (my dream light)


Crap, now Im off to see what the hell the M8 is :|

Not sure if it's still at solarforce-sales or not.


I found it at lighthound. Nice light. They have some AW batteries listed at the bottom of the page those things are expensive. I will have to try them someday, see what all the fuss is about.

It used to be, so I think they must be sold out at the moment.

I really do like the look of the Masterpiece-1, I add it to my basket every few weeks and then convince my self not to get it. If it was a more conventional beam shape then I would buy it without hesitation - good throw and nice spill.