Skyray 4300 lumen

Anyone tried the Skyray 4300 lumen yet?

Am loving my Ultrafire c8 Xm-L T6. Leaves nothing to be desired...unless you're a lumenphile like we are, in which case the sun might or might not work! :-p

Also having fun with the Nebo Redline--cute little pocket powerhouse zoomer. But this thing--I nearly jumped in and bought it today. I'm still leary of past technical issues of the 3800. I wonder if any serious re-design has been done here.

I have one on order from Wendy Ho along with a Xeno E03 and some batterys. Hope it gets here before my birthday so my wife dosn't have to go to Wallmart and pick out a flashlight. Wow! Scary thought.

Has anybody actually recieved a shipping notice for the 4300 lumen (850 model) yet?


Who is Wendy Ho? I ordered from MF on day one listing.

He could mean

She works for or I had to PM her for a price/avalability. Some of the lights I have purchased from Bestinnone aren't listed. I don't get it myself. I would of ordered a Brinyte C5 a long time ago if I knew they were avalable with a 2.8 AMP driver.

No on the shipping conf. Last night she sent me an E-mail stating they were packing the order and that the Xeno wasn't in stock in blue CW only black. I responded this morning (holding out for blue). Hoping for a shipping Conf soon.

Looks like a nice light but pretty expensive. 4300 lumens? Take away a couple of thousand just to keep it real.

I think Wendy is the lady boss. heh heh....

The price wasn't to bad. (as long as it works) Hopefully 3rd time is a charm for SkyRay

I ordered one last night. We'll see how it goes. I'm hoping the extra cost means more heatsinking? :)

Hope you have better luck with this model than the other Skyray triples. They are on my avoid at all cost list until proven otherwise. Hopefully yours will start to prove me wrong. :)

Looks like a screw in pill

Good for heat sinking.

My Sky Ray 4300 (850) from MF has arrived, I purchased it in black. The light so far does work :) but strange enough the light is 3-modes and has no printing on it what brand is it???

My titanium Skyray arrived today. 5 modes, as advertised. It's of screw in construction, and the reflector has a good bit of mass to it, almost as much as the head itself. Construction looks great. I'm going to grease down the threads w/ some thermal compound and see if I can induce thermal shutdown, but the head got warm with the 30 seconds or so I used it, so it seems thermal conductivity is pretty good.

Oh, and by titanium, I meant titanium finish.

Did some quick tests. 2A draw at the tailcap on high, batts are pretty fresh. 3100mAh Panasonics, measured at 4.10v unloaded. Is that in line w/ the other 3 x XM-L lamps?

DX are selling the Skyray 4300 for $66.50

Digital Regulated 2200mA~2800 Current Output go somewhere else to post your spam. Your posting this on every thread here. It's getting old. Go put your lights on ebay if you wish. Then you can post all you want.

Any feedback? The Skyray Brand’s taken a beating here… Looking for feedback on the the 850.

Picrthis- How’s your 850 holding up? Are you satisfied? Any problems?

The 850 is holding up just fine so far......although I think Manafont SUCKS and I won't be buying anything from them ever again..........I'll explain later, extremely busy right now, sorry.

Do tell. I, for one, would love to have something that competes with the Nitecore TM11 or TK70 at such cheap prices, but I'm afraid of the quality. And are you "wowed" out of your gourd with the brightness? I sure hope so.