Skyray King (3xXML, 4x18650 Fatty)

Aloha and welcome to BLF ndompierre!

the aliexpress policy seems ok, so i ordered. I will give feedback to the members there when received!

Coooool..... Mine is stuck at customs in Jacksonville, FLORIDA....

Another King Competitor:

Welcome aboard, ndompierre!

Yes it's interesting, but driven low and might not reach to King's level. See discussion here.

BUT Ric promised to arrange a custom batch, which would be driven significantly harder (1.8-2.0A / emitter) and without blinky modes => Ordered. Let's see how it performs. :)

Nice! Was there any threadlock or glue holding the tailcap on or did it just unscrew?

just simply screwed off . no thread lock

It lost the battle before it een got released :) no competion as of now untill they mange to sort out how to arrange 5 xmls properly and drive them at 2 amps

  • I Suggest they copy the olight X6 Marauder 5000 Lumen 6 led setup and to also get at least 5000 lumens to make a difrence agaisnt the king.the marauder cudnt handle the heat so they set up the battery pack seperate from body somthing such as this will make me buy it . Meanwhile the king is still the king for me. no contest :)

Shaquille, you left your avatar in strobe mode.

Next time buy a 3-mode avatar, not a 5-mode, thanks.

Got it on Saturday.....Here is the Tracking from the eBay seller:

Tracking #:



China Post




Jun-02-12, 12:59 PM, ORLANDO, FL 32824

Arrival at Unit

Jun-02-12, 06:14 AM, ORLANDO, FL 32837

Processed through USPS Sort Facility

Jun-01-12, 19:49 PM, ORLANDO, FL 32824

Processed through USPS Sort Facility

May-30-12, 21:25 PM, JAMAICA, NY 11430

Took With Phone 720p...Phone doesn't do Justice........

Just Got Mine ..... What A Nice Light ....The Best $68.00 I Ever Spent.......

Any Holster for the SkyRay King ?

I just ordered a Nitecore Tiny TM11 holster in the US for $10.00 and $2.00 shipping. Hope it fits……

Hi Manny, this is what you want.

Thanks Richie……
Let’s see how the Tm 11 looks…. If it doesn’t work…… What the bell, I just ordered one ……

Manny, do you have a link to the TM11 holster you bought?

The company is called BravoTac

They also have an ebay store.

I Paypaled $12.00 to Paypal@BravoTac.Com

They shipped it today with a tracking # is coming from the USA

Business Name:
BravoTac (The recipient of this payment is Verified)

Business Contact Information

Customer Service URL:
Customer Service Email: