SkyRay King New Arrival issue??


I have just received my ‘new’ King……hoo-ray??

Inside the head section where the batteries contact, it had obviously been “contacted” previously.
I do not know if the amount of abrasion in this pic shows just a testing??
There is also a tweak (bent ) portion I am concerned about.
Pic here===>

The seller says the battery marks are from being tested by them.
They claim they are brand new and they bought 50 of them new direct from the factory to sell direct.
I do not have a response about the bend/tweak as yet.

Thoughts? Ideas?

The bend doesn't seem like it should cause you any problems.

As for the contact marks I also hate when I see that. The ones that I have got from Ric (CNQualityGoods) and Lightmalls had been "tested". However, they didn't look nearly as worn out as yours. I can tell my were only tested. Your light looks like it has been used.

If it works as designed and there is no other real issue besides that, let it go and be happy with the light, IMO


I was thinking that way, not bitching about the condition. I wanted to get some input before I went ahead.

One other smallish issue…. The lens cover is loose and rattles when shaken…maybe an o-ring or gasket is missing.
However, the head assembly does not want to let go of the top chrome bezel for inspection.
Does anyone else have this same isue??

Thanks for the help & assistance


From the looks of that driver, it’s not the one all here rave about. The old style (below) is the desired one as it is current regulated.

Could the friction related wear at the surface where the batteries contact be an issue with this light?
Is there would be some kind of wear adapter for the current so that the driver surface does not take all the abrasion?

Just out of curiosity, was this ebay or one of the more established sellers? And was it really cheap?

I can’t help thinking that the pic shows where someone pried the driver out, perhaps for repairs… If it was a refurb, I’d want a pretty substantial discount off normal retail.

There is a fix I saw. A copper disc the size of the contact ring is soldered to the driver.

Using the right type of batteries minimizes any wear from the getgo. Nipple type batteries should NOT be used. You want the ones with the smooth rounded tops NOT the FLAT TOPS though. Panasonic, Samsung, etc. Most all your Trustfire Flames are nipple type…don’t use them as they gouge the plate.

Yes ruffles, it was an eBay seller: lucky_lyj | Feedback Score Of 4256 | 99.9%

After scrolling through their ratings and sales I determined this was one of the best Chinese sellers on eBay and took a bid for $41 US on an auction.

I had the same feeling that the driver had been pried out, and my suspicion of being a refurb.
Thus the reason I contacted the seller about the battery friction wear and the bent edge on the driver as well as various scratching.
They replied that they bought many direct from the manufacturer for their eBay sales, and they were brand new units (bah), only being tested for proper operation.

I have responded to them again about 1. the issues described here. 2. Scratching on the head portion of the light.
The battery section seems to be new and relatively flawless.


More importantly, where did you catch that fish in your avatar? Like the Yukon or something. Muskellunge?

Amazing fish!

I would be concerned about my soldering the copper ring onto the driver….yikes.

I really do not want to get into big$$ to make a fix.
I might be able to fabricate a copper ring inside a inert material disc (maybe epoxy attached)that could drop-in…? How much time & $$ would I burn there.

Agreed on the battery type, I am on that issue now.
When they arrive, I will mirror polish the tops to reduce friction even more.

Should I apply a bit of proper(?) lubricant to either the driver or the batteries themselves??

Thanks for the help to all.


I’d just get the proper batteries. Use some silicone grease on contact plate and don’t worry about it.

I agree with Streamer.

3 of my kings came with wear marks around the + contact plate and work perfectly. Be grateful that someone actually had the sense to test it before shipping.

Ive been putting a thin layer of silicon grease (available at any camera or SCUBA shop for $1-2) on my king + driver contact plates (one with well over 200 battery changes) and they still look almost brand new. To bad the battery tube threads didnt fair as well, but now Im putting silicon lube on them as well.

I also bought a can of CRC dielectric grease for about 50 times the price and I havent detected any differences between the two, even when used in sustained high temperature environments.

forgive my ignorance but is the silicone grease you use just the normal stuff,would copper grease b ok…

Id advise against copper grease. Silicon grease is inert and will help prevent electrolysis from occurring between dissimilar metals.


Good call on the ID’s for the lube.

I have some Dielectric grease here. A little goes a long way.

A little low speed buff to polish the tops of the batteries to eliminate any possible factory burrs on top, and I will be set to go……

Still a bit pissed about the bent edge on the driver plate, and no response from the seller over the weekend……however it is a big holiday in China.

Cheers All