skyray king ?

I want to add a lens ontop of my 4 light , gold skyray king flashlight to make it a spotlight…anyone know how?..……the light is too bright for the eyes, so either a conves lens for a spot effect or an opague lens to soften the beam…??

What SRK did you buy? Is the low-mode too bright, or is the beam too intense? It’s already a pretty floody light.

The lens would intensify the beam into a smaller area which would not appreciably decrease apparent brightness when reflected. Also I know of no adapter to hold a lens. Nitecore makes a diffuser that fits your light, their 60mm model. Available from Battery Junction or some ebay sellers. You might also contact Richard at Mountain Electronics( Group member RMM) as he can install a new user interface that gives the light seven output levels and eliminates the strobe. Outputs vary from very low to high, increasing light versatility enormously. The level one modification is $13 plus shipping both ways.

If it’s a 3 or 4 led one. Then I personally don’t think they are hugely floody. Sure they put out a ton of light which might make you think its floody. But the reflectors are of a respectable size, certainly as big or bigger than most tube style 18650’s and probably nearer to p60 size. The multi led simply makes the spill brighter and the hot spot more intense.

yeah, the light is literally blinding…I know that the zoomable lens type light aren’t as blinding and throw a nice clean spot….any other suggestions?

The zoomable lens lights typically have a lot less power out than your skyray king and I have not heard of any multiple LED zoom lights or conversion kits to make a non zoom light into a zoom version but zoom lights do not interest me much.

As I noted in post #2 Richard can make your light so in lowest mode it is just a few lumens out and high will remain the same or higher than original. I sent him a three LED SRK that he did only the user interface change to and per his readings it now has the following output levels in Lumens. Lowest = 8, second is 19, third is 48, fourth is 120, fifth is 331, sixth is 750 and high is 1800 Lumens. This light could not be hopped up due to being one of the ones built with a floating LED mounting plate so the LED cooling sucks.

If yours is a suitable one then the following outputs are obtainable with Richard’s maximum output modification package. Low 1 Lumen, second level 6 lumens, level three 25, level four 120, level five 551, level six 1610 and level seven 4600. In addition to the normal level 2 modification this one received two additional components to give lower output levels in the lowest levels. Total cost of this mod was about $50 and you have a VERY VERSATILE light.