Skyray King's baby Brothers:

Until now I haven't wanted another flashlight since I got my King. How much are they and where do we order them?

Emperor = King hence the emperor remarks. The feces comments all over are because they say it looks like shit. LOL!

Personally I like the color on the 16340 model. Very military looking sand color. The AA version is too shiny and doesn’t look like typeIII ano.

We need to have Ric carry this baby!

Very nice find. Depending on price, I’d be interested in one too.

Wish they made a black one or at least let me beat them senseless with one of that color :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile: Any pic of the reflector side of the light? Wish they made a 4 AA / Li-ion version with a deepish XM-L reflector.

Clicking on links helps a lot. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Tons of pics on the link sesgum posted:

These seem like good candidates for a Shadow giveaway.

3P-AA, ~1.5V and 800mah to the XML is not going to be very bright. Maybe 150 Lumens OTF tops. They should have made it 3P-14500 4.2V and ~2.8-3A to the LED.

Oh my, interesting…
I hope that 3AA version is going to be brighter after all and cost wont be prohibitive, it could be good C88 competition.

thank you. than you very much!

Looks like the perfect candidate for Dr. Jones’ electronic-clicky ramping drivers.


I like the matte sand color, the shiny gold not so much. That's what kept me from getting a SkyRay in the first place

No place to buy outside of china yet, need a dealer. The color of the CR123 version looks better.
The drive current 1.8A is too low on XML, but perfect host for a Nichia 219 Hi CRI.

Waiting for a group buy. :bigsmile:

Really interesting.

But why they ddont make them blaaaaaack???

WIth that sideswitch button, they would look really cool in black colour.

That’s cool :slight_smile: if there well priced I may need the whole family :wink:

I wonder if that certain pigment was on like clearance or something…

Sign me up for a 3 x AA one if the price is under $40

I like the name: Sky Shadow Queen …….