Skyray S-R5 - Klingon style

I just figured out that KD SS assault crown fits nicely on the head of Skyray S-R5. Nice add-on for the next Star Trek convention :)


You could slash someone's tires with that thing! Oops... did I just say that? Surprised

I could put this in my car, alongside my Mag 4D, just in case :)


$1000 Fine and or conviction for carrying a weapon [ any weapon ] .. I guess that would include a flashlight if it was weaponized

Wow thats horrible. What country do you live in? Im lucky to have a concealed weapons permit.

going for a pistol permit in the next few weeks. no need for a tactical crown when you have a ruger p89... or a Taurus Judge lol

I have 5 handguns, mostly large caliber (4.5+ lbs). I used to EDC in my old neighborhood. Now I'm in a safe place and not to concerned. A person carrying is 6 times more likely to kill someone than a person that isn't. Of those that are permitted to carry, and if they shoot someone, they are 5 times more likely to be harshly convicted because they have already proven themselves to be knowledgeable in firearms self-protection through the safety course they must pass to have the permit. In other words, don't pull that thing out unless you are going to use it with deadly intent and have analyzed that the situation warrants it to be legal and proper to use. That was reason enough for me to keep my guns locked in a safe till range night out with the guys or afield. IMO, carrying a handgun is simply not a good idea. Besides, I can well take care of myself without a gun.

Yes, people say "guns don't kill people, people kill people". The nugget of truth in that is you get a huge variation in mental state even within one person, never mind all people. Guns are a terrible idea if and when situations escalate unnecessarily, which they often do.

Land of Oz ...

With great power comes even greater responsibility ... Australia is now known as the NANNY STATE , we have gone beyond big brother ! [ Nanny state = communist shit hole ]

A Leatherman multi tool can earn you a $1000 fine and a criminal conviction , it is now illegal to carry anything that can be a weapon ...

Which means technically , its illegal to go outside with anything , because almost anything can be a weapon ...

We are getting a awful lot of vague , open ended laws in Australia now ... Its going down hill very fast ...

Anyone in the USA ? got a sister , cousin , looking for a conservative freedom lovin flashaholic ? about 35 to 45 ???

Most of the world thinks of a wild natural country when they think about Australia. Its almost impossible to think that you cant even carry a descent knife on your person. Its certainly not like in the Crocodile Dundee films. With the trash running our country into the ground (and voted in by a grossly incompetent and ignorant entitlement generation) we are only a few steps behind you. The US is becoming a socialist state of people that want the gov to feed them. The gov wants to repeal weapons not to stop violence in general, but because they fear a revolt. No wonder they are so despised, and they earned every bit of it.

Now may be a good time to note that what the US considers "conservative" is not quite what the rest of the world does. So, old, you probably need to describe yourself as one of FlashPilot's socialists or the american ladies may not get what they expected.

Im a conservative Republican ....... US style ... Here in Australia , Republicans are so far out there , some where , there not on the Political radar , as most here are Socialists ! Be they Labor or Liberal , there both Socialists to me ... One more Commie than the other ... Australian politics has drifted so far left , its not funny ! I dont think we have conservatives any more .... National party used to be conservative , but there much the way of the dodo now ... Just something to remember ! I call this country a 2 party Dictatorship .. Dont matter who you vote for , they will screw you over .... Remove your rights , and restrict your freedoms ...

I thought John McCain would possibly have been one of the better Presidents in the last 50 years . Instead you guys voted in the other guy !

I thought John McCain would possibly have been one of the better Presidents in the last 50 years . Instead you guys voted in the other guy !

People say this, but the reality is that it's mostly a difference without a distinction. For example, take the "controversial" health care bill to illustrate the case. The bill, as it was passed, is almost indistinguishable in form from what was proposed by conservative think tanks like the Heritage Foundation in the 90's as the conservative approach to health care (to distinguish from the Clinton's health care proposal). Same resulting complete control to private providers and lack of cost controls. So, regardless of ideological shifts (most rightward in the intervening decade), you would think at least it would get the same conservative support as it did then. Of course that's not what happens in politics and you can decide whether any public "debate" is genuine or purely obstructionist (yet designed to ultimately fail). In the end, the holders of capital and therefore power, the health care industry (in contrast, this is why the clintons' proposal, which is less hospitable to profit, didn't pass), gets exactly what it wants and the little people still felt like they were part of the struggle.

You can't always blame the proletariat in a democracy and their general lack of abitlity/motivation to read source documents, since that's always a given. But at least they should be aware of the propagandist's approach to creating polarizing positions and the resulting illusion of choice.

The gov wants to repeal weapons not to stop violence in general, but because they fear a revolt. No wonder they are so despised, and they earned every bit of it.

The US Government doesn't fear a revolt at all. Americans are well placated because they have too much to lose (ironically, the French have far more violent protests). The hatred for "ideological enemies" is well worn historically. Given a well balanced division of the populace, in addition to its effect as a diversionary tactic, the holder of power (ie money) get to play kingmaker. If there's an effective war in the US, it's not between the red and blue teams, but the typical one of the haves against the have-nots, and the haves are winning as they usually do across all of human history, partly because the have-nots don't know what's going on and still fight the phantoms built around them.

I wasnt even thinking of the health care bill ..........

I was thinking more along the lines of repairing America ... Fixing ills , JMC I thought had a much better track record for doing the right thing ...

Yeah , the French do like to protest , I still remember the French farmers getting there nickers in a knot !

Well, a lot of people thought McCain was ballsy to speak his mind in 2004, but he fell back in line as soon as he got serious about politics; right along Bush's footsteps. Still, it doesn't get that much different from Bush than Obama, right? He continues the vast majority of Bush's decisions and programs (both wars, suspection of habius corpus, executive privilege, bailout, etc), but I guess people still find stuff to complain about. I only picked health care because that's among the minor differences to what his predecessor might've done.

Pretty much all of what you see in pop media (that very much includes right wing demogogues who protest to and claim to be anything but) is a rehearsed play with everyone sticking to their roles through force of habit. Remember the incident with ACORN on hidden camera? A great opera of news that plays right to all the cultural stereotypes we expect of America. Well it turns out upon investigation by the California Attorney General, the perpetrator (the "cameraman"/pimp) faked the footage, recombining clips and completely reversing the story of what actually happen, and we know this because he turned over the evidence/original footage for legal immunity (the story of this scumbag actually continues, but that's a story for another day) and are now part of the public record. The real tapes for this all out media coverage story are now available for the world to see, and I guarentee that no news organization will ever will show them, and I can claim with certainty no one here's even heard of these subsequent developments.

You know what's the best part of this story? Some folks wrote to the NY Times, that bastion of "liberal" thought so to speak, to correct or amend its stories which once described in detail how some shady taxpayer funded black community organization is captured on tape either aid prostitutes evade taxes or smuggle sex slaves from mexico, in light of this new evidence. They must be jumping all over this complete reversal, right? Well, I'll let you search for the NY Times story about it. The correspondence those folks had with NYT is published online, and it's rather embarrasing for the "paper of record". Remember, most of the stuff you read in the press (yes that includes the conservative press who complain up and down about being alienated when they publish to millions), you read because someone wanted you to read it, and react as you're conditioned to. Not because they're players in a conspiracy, but because the setup of the news industry compells its employees to play along.

I found it rather amusing a similar topic actually came up in the recent movie Inception. The line is that to convince someone, you need not only plant the idea in their head, but they need to believe they thought of it first. Well, that's exactly how this game works and has for decades. Provide the implicit premise, some basic "facts", and an easy conclusion to jump towards. It's the art of modern PR, invented and perfected right here in America.

Yeah , I was sorry to see that ... I guess he needed to fall in line to get party support ... I know early on the republicans didnt back him at all [ party machine ] ...

Still , a shame , I think !

Well I didn't want to burst anyone's bubble on McCain, but I think background transparency for our politicians preceeds that. The guy was very much the beneficiary of nepotism from his admiral of a father. Gets his wings despite a subpar performance which probably contributted to his crash and subsequent war hero status. If a measure of his character was necessary, he leaves his first model of a wife right after her debilitating car accident for a richer, younger, prettier heiress. Perhaps appropriate for what we expect of our politicians these day, but not quite what he's portrayed as by his PR handlers.

Lets divert our attention for a moment...

Now would be about when the "infamous Nazi mod" at that "other place" would interject an idiotic curt rhetorical opinion and close this thread... of course, only after editing/deleting our comments and delivering stern childish warnings to those responsible for taking the topic out of focus. For some reason, I don't post to often at that other place. Hopefully that individual lives in the sticks, where his/her neighbors wouldn't feel compelled to teach said person a seriously "enlightened" lesson in humility... never to be forgotten, yet still joyfully discussed by their offspring long after they were struck down with Klingon bludgeoning instruments resembling flashlights and then subsequently ran through Uncle Freddie's wood chipper (<--- dont click this unless you have a strong stomach!). Please don’t do this people! That simply wouldn’t be an act of kindness. Just let others know where their time is better spent and how to avoid throwing away valuable income on lights with 50% - 1000% markup. Contrary to many peoples beliefs, flashlights just t'aint rocket science.

What were we talking about ? Oh right , Sky Ray with a klingon bezel .... That bezel is going to block a lot of light ...

How come each point on the bezel is different? Is it supposed to double as different size screwdriver?