SkyRay worth my time?

Perfect light for Nichia 219b swap… if somehow possible.

I’ll give some of these a try. Thank you!

I don’t believe the Nichia 219 fit on a XM-L PCB.

Good idea!

Correct, I happened to get a 7x SRK that came with “XP-L” Clones. I am gonna put some high CRI LED’s in it, just have not decided between the 219 or XP-G3.

I might even go with a mixed tint high CRI build, thinking some 3000k and 5700k 90+ CRI leds.

Very nice idea. However the 4000k nichia covers most of the spectrum. Check out this Adding Deep Red Leds for improved CRI and R9 the only missing part is the red and cyan spectrum.
I had an idea for same light of this sort with 2 red ~700nm leds, four nichia 4000k and one cyan. But it is a really complex build. :frowning:

Yeah, the 219’s are great as is, although I think I would go with XP-G3’s if I went mixed tint. I have always wanted to try a mixed tint light.

In theory by mixing tints it gives it a bit of a high dynamic range picture, is still is a picture, just more of it, hard to explain any other way. At least that what I have read about them.

Hpg3 has high cri also.

But are very rare. And very small number of places carry them.

Talking about the XP-G3? Yeah, I have a few of them already, I plan on playing with them as my next project actually.

Oh man. Too many ideas in here. Haha. Great input guys. I’ll post some progress pics when I get to doing things.

I’d send it back if you can, and put the money towards the Q8 group buy. I think you’ll be thrilled if you do.
Edit: even if you keep it, get the Q8!

Used a RMM driver with moon for my SRk, and thermal paste between shelf and housing.

Now I would go for a Narsil Q8 driver.

When I started talking about SRKs I got a bit overwhelmed by negative comments from people knowing how good they were.

I got lucky and received a few with the fake XML (LaticeBright) LEDs that actually give a very nice tint.
And I really love the flood of lights like this.

Yet after reading so much posts about how good a light like this actually can be we started the Q8.
In the first post there is a list of parts and the second post is for Narsil (the software)

You could make a very nice driver.
Idk where you live but Oshpark has 3 boards as minimum so maybe good to find two others for three drivers, Narsil ia about as sweet as it can be :wink:

well i bypassed the squiggly. and WOW what a difference, pics tell the story, ill try to get some beam shots tonight when its dark.

this was after it was off for almost a minute.

Night shots.



nitecore EC4S XHP50

SRK 7x LB’s?

Nice pics!

Nice beam shots,

the other pics arnt working for me

The LB LED’s actually throw surprisingly well. The stock LED 8x SRK’s out-throw my XM-L2 7500 lumen versions of the same lights, with half the lumens. The LB LED’s actually compare pretty well with XP-G2 LED’s from my experience until you try to push them past 2-3 amps.


yeah this thing is a beast! i thought my EC4S was cool, it still is, it will last alot longer than the SRK.

the combo of throw and flood is crazy good. ill probably run it till it blows, shouldn’t take me long, then ill grab some parts from ya, haha.