SkyRC MC3000 help thread

Unlike you, who have spoken volumes;-)

Those who don’t look much at CPF may be interested in these recent postings on the MC3000 firmware and musings theron.

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I just realized that I feel pretty silly that after having discussed this ‘issue’ for a while now, I’ve never asked the obvious, fundamental question:

Does anyone in fact know if this issue is known by or has been reported to the manufacturer by anyone through any channel? Is it possible they might be completely unaware of it?

This is a good question. I have never gone beyond 1.15 so I don’t have any comparative data to submit to them

At one point @dmenezes was planning to take comparative readings between 1.15 and the later releases. If he, or someone else ever does this, I would be happy to try to contact them with the data.
I simply am not motivated to do the testing myself as I am satisfied with staying at 1.15 to maintain consistency with my historical readings.

So far all I have seen is a few reports of the change, but nothing definitive. I also have not read of anyone who specifically said they contacted SkyRC about it. OTH, I have to think that they are aware of it. There has been enough conversation on several sites about it that they have to have noticed.

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I have a question about temporarily changing an option in a program to run once, without permanently changing the program. In the cheat sheet, under “Change Program options” the final step says,

“8. Press-and-hold to SAVE and EXIT”

but it has the following footnote:

"If -instead of step 8- you press-and-hold a Ready slot number button, the parameter changes you made will be in effect once and for this one selected slot only.
The changes will NOT be saved to the Program number you selected but discarded as soon as the slot is ready again.
Useful for creating and starting temporary similar programs based on a saved program."

When I try that, it seems to also make permanent changes to the program. IOW, step 8 still saves the changes to the program number, and then starts the program in the slot I press&hold.

My MC3000 is new, and running firmware 1.18. I have never used any version prior to this. Is this something that used to work, and was changed in 1.18? Or, am I doing something wrong.


I wish I could help, but I have never done this.
A question, do you have the latest manual. Recently I saw one with a 1.20 revision on their web site. Maybe check this.
Have you used the Blue Tooth phone app. Using it changing a program and running it with the change is easy…then change it back. Or just save a new program with the change you want with a different name for later use (you can do something similar on the machine. Just save your modified program to a different memory location). The saved programs in the APP are not saved to memories on the machine, but rather on the phone, and are very easy to make changes to using the screen instead of the buttons on the MC3000.

Regardless, it would be nice to know how to actually make a simple change for a single run without changing saved programs. If you figure it out, please share the solution.

Yes, I’ve read the 1.20 manual. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mention this “temporary change” trick at all. It’s only mentioned in the cheat sheet.

I have briefly used the bluetooth app. I only got the charger a few days ago, so I’m trying to master using it stand-alone. But, thanks for mentioning the bluetooth app might be an easier way to do this.

My current work-around is to save any temporary change to slot 30, which I will rewrite with a different change for another program. But, it’s a bit tedious to have to scroll the save-to option to slot 30 every time. The “press and hold” trick would be much easier, if it worked. If I ever figure out what’s going on, I’ll post.

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The cheat sheet was written for version 1.13… maybe they screwed something up in the firmware since then…???
Good luck !