Small 16340 or 14500 lights running Anduril?

Are there any small lights running Anduril? Or, are there any small lights that can be easily modded to run Anduril?
I have a large pile of little pocket lights, but none that run Anduril. The closest I have is the Thrunite T1. It has a ramping UI, but it’s not as good as Anduril.
I do have the Emisar D4V2 with the 16500 tube. It’s just a bit larger than I want for EDC. I’m looking for something smaller, like the Klarus MI1C or Olight S1R.

Sounds like a great project! I’m interested as well.

Here is Parametrek’s list of 16340/14500 lights with a side switch that are shorter than 100mm.
It would be interesting to know which ones are easily modded - not glued, driver is easy to remove or at least get to, and running an ATTiny. I haven’t looked at the repository, so I’m not sure if Andruil will run on an ATTiny13 or requires a 25 or 85.

Did anyone ever publish the list of drivers compatible with Anduril?

It should be possible to mod the Lumintop GT Micro to run with Anduril. It uses NarsilM by default IIRC.

The 13 has not enough memory. Even the 85 is too small for all features enabled.

ATTiny85 is pretty rare in the wild. It might be better to look for hosts that would be convenient for driver swaps, which usually also precludes the lights using T-shape boards with the switch directly on the board.

You can flash the gt-mini anduril file on the gt-micro.

Except for the few flashlights using NarsilM or Anduril (only the latest generation switched to a bigger version with more memory). :wink:

I’m interested in the Sofirn project with the ramping SP10S.