Small Compact thrower (pocket size) 18650

What’s a really powerful small compact thrower that U can basically put in a jacket pocket . It must have a button like the blfq8, ramping , heat protection step down, battery check and work with a 18650 among other batteries. Budget is around 40 EUR. Thanks and would be great if the button was also led lit

The Noctigon KR1 is a great pocket thrower and comes with different LED options and Anduril UI
It does have an electronic tailswitch (unlighted).

Or the GT mini.

Yes, the GT mini has ramping, battery check and temperature step down.

Difference of LED one is running the XPL HI while the other runs an XHP 50.2. The XPL HI will give you almost double the throw of the XHP 50.2 but the 50.2 will give you about 3~ times the output but that will also generate far more heat too.

It has an orange peel reflector and a XHP50 led instead of a smooth with XPL-Hi.
Xhp will give a wider beam and a bit less throw (and draws more current, so shorter runtime)

Fireflies T1R or the Acebeam E10 with a 18650 tube?

Acebeam L17 or 18?

usually “pocket size” and “thrower” are mutually exclusive, at least for me

because throwing means big lenses. to me that isn;t pocketable.

What you might get as a compromise is a slightly floody light, like BLFA6, or FW3A, that can make 2000 lumens
you would be counting on the brightness to cover your long distance.
i find it works ok to about 100 yards or so


Astrolux EA 01 is getting more and more attention with it’s TIR as a mid thrower.

Noctigon KR1 with CSLPM1.TG is an impressive thrower for its size, thet’s where my vote goes.

not pocket size

Not jacket size pocket? 116 x 41

Noctigon KR1 gets my vote.

Although I can only see the copper version on Hanks site at the moment, so they might be out of stock.

Choice of 4 different LEDs:

  • W1 (Osram CSLNM1.TG): 900lm, Lux : 110Kcd (110,000cd)
  • W2 (Osram CSLPM1.TG): 1300lm, Lux: 100Kcd (100,000cd)
  • XP-L HI 6500K/5000K/4000K: 1300lm, Lux: 45Kcd (45,000cd)
  • SST-40 5000K/6500K: 2200lm, Lux: 29Kcd (29,000cd)

I have the W2 which IMO is the sweet spot as it has good lumen output and only marginally less throw than the W1. The XPL HI is ok, but IMO looking out of date in this company with a lot less throw.

Maybe you can consider the new Fireflies T1R. It has a new high efficiency driver and look like it will be quite compact, with bonus high power usb C charging.

Also to add, the Astrolux EA01 is very nice. A bit chunkier as it has a 26650 battery tube (with adaptors for 21700/18650). The SST-40 version is claimed at 98,000cd and you can get it in a nice tint too.

[video: Astrolux EA01 - SST 40/XHP50 2 - Awesome little semi thrower! - YouTube]

I think there might be a code for the EA01 still if you check the Group Buy thread.

video is of the EA01

Thanks, I meant EA01… updated my post. :slight_smile:

There are so many Astrolux lights coming out it is hard to keep track of them all. Does anyone know of a picture of the different models all side by side for comparison?

Well, even an L6 is pocketable, if you’re wearing Hammer pants…

It looks nice but it’s actually 2mm wider than Noctigon, uses slightly lesser emitter so that “high efficiency driver” has to push more amps to achieve still lower brightness (while overdriving the emitter because it tops out at about 5,5A). I think it would be a killer with CSLPM1.TG instead of CULNM1.TG.