small flashlight with USB out - recommendations please

Looking for a small, pocketable flashlight, about the size of a 2AA Maglight, with USB out to act as both a flashlight and a power bank.

Hmm don’t really know about any FL with usb out except for the blitzwolf lantern but much bigger then 2AA light. I also don’t see the point of having a small FL with usb out. How much energy can it hold? 3400mAh is about the max you can get out of 18650 battery, so if you want to go smaller then that there will be not much energy to run the LED and charge whatever… Might be better of looking for a powerbank with a decent LED and optics in it. Or check out the blitzwolf lanterns……

There used to be a good option from LOFTEK on amazon, but it hasn’t been in stock for over a year. I was lucky enough to grab 2 when they existed and keep them as emergency lights/power in my car. A bit fatter than 2AA mag, but similar length.

If we can find something similar I would definitely be in for more lights like that.

If you don’t mind going to a big light the JKK36 on Kaidomain has power bank function.

Occasionally I need a “powerbank” to “bump” up a dying phone or run my Mobley hotspot, and I have several, most take 2 or 3 AA’s. Occasionally I need a flashlight, of which I have many. If I know I’m going to need one for an extended period I grab one suited for the task.

The power needs are intermittent and low and have not happened at the same time as the need for a flashlight.
The blackdiamond does this. But I’m pretty sure there are chinese knockoffs for a fraction of the price.

You might have it backwards. Look for a powerbank that has a built-in flashlight.

I’ve got a few. Relatively useless light, but it nominally “works”.

Here ya go…

Go crazy…

I’d love to have one with a USB out as well. But using AA or AAA batteries isn’t going to be very effective considering the limited capacity of the batteries. You would be better suited to find a flashlight with 18650’s or 26650’s. Of which, I don’t know of any flashlights with this feature.

If you find one, let me know as I’d probably buy one as well. Good luck!

He kinda disappeared, but I think he just used the AA reference for size, not as a requirement that the critter uses AA cells.

Whups, no he didn’t. :smiley:

Want to clarify? Actually use AAs, or just for general size (like a 2×AA MiniMag)?

Well maybe you need a brighter flashlight to see my response about the blackdiamond offering.
Yes it’s size I’m concerned with.

The blackdiamond you linked to is based on an 18650 battery (I think), so it should be very similar in size to the one Lightbringer posted from Amazon.

There are several options on Amazon similar to that blackdiamond unit. Just search USB Power Bank Flashlight and a bunch of options will pop up.

I have this light. Was about 10-15$ from ebay. It has tail button with high/mid/strobe/off interface. Flexible plastic cover hides usb ports and the button. Button is clickable through the cover.
I have not disassembled it but it probably has 18650 inside.
The light is pretty throwy and bright.

yes I have something similar to oto
but it has a 2000mAh cell and does not charge my phone very deep
I have this one in my wishlist at gearbest for a long time
out of stock but it seems nice

That is about exactly what I was thinking of.

  1. how well does it work?
  2. do you have a link?

apparently they do exist.

I cannot recommend the one I have. I don’t like the ui and holes on sides.
But if you search for “power bank flashlight” there are numerous options:

I have this one, but it has a horrible purple tint, maybe 50-100 lumens, the switch is terrible, and the power output won’t work on any phone that pulls more than 500mA. It worked well on my old Blackberry, hasn’t worked on any Android phone.

I have ordered one like the pics earlier in the thread, with a swivel cover, as it has multiple light modes and 1000mA output.

I have seen a brand in Outdoor Warehouse that looks good, has a decent flashlight, power bank input and output, and also can plug directly into a car lighter socket, but I can’t remember the name and it is maybe a bit big for your purposes.

Fun thread and nice list Oto - thanks.
Some of the lights/power banks you pointed to have some unexpected features like a cigarette lighter, bluetooth music and call answering!
It’s already odd to see people talking alone on the street, but talking to a flashlight?! :confounded: :person_facepalming: :slight_smile:

The more ambitious the list of features, the more likely it is to be cheap junk that starts to break within the first week.

Be very careful, look for independent reviews outside the vendor’s website, and try to buy a brand that seems to have a good reputation and produces some high-end products.

There is this one, the brand I couldn’t remember. Don’t know how good it is but it seems solidly built and well packaged, the store that sells it here has a good reputation. Retail price equates to about $20.

There is this one but is not cheap, maybe you can find a Chinese clone, JKK brand comes to mind

Here is a JKK

I used to own one of this about a decade ago.

2*AA Battery Powered USB Emergency Charger with Flashlight < Fasttech still selling but DO NOT BUY this junk.

I remembered my AA batteries got seriously hot and melted the casing when i tried to charge my mobile phone.