small low output RED suggestions?

I’d like a small low output RED (no loss of night vision, doesn’t annoy anybody in the dark) 1xAAA with some amount of focus to the beam, ie not an exposed LED, but something recessed so I can direct where light goes and doesn’t go. Cheap is a good feature, so is small.

Red cellophane and a Black Cat or similar?

Its all I can think of other than transparent red paint on the lenses or if it was used on a diffuser like the silicone ones it could be removed. I’m not sure if a silicone diffuser could be dyed.

Kind of crappy for the price but it might suit your needs of the low output.

I am looking for bits to make a bike tail light from a 3-mode Sipik 68.

Guess that will be a bit bigger than AAA though.

I'm not convinced on the cellophane. I tried some inside a regular SK68 but to get it red enough dropped the output too far. I think a red emitter is the way to go. But I don't think I've seen any mounted on boards small enough for a AAA light.

Now if you could reflow.....

The last one isn’t for sale there, just looks interesting.

Cree XP-E red on 10mm round MCPCB

They make red emitters, sorry really short on time at the moment, and can’t follow links yet, but I saw a 1W on ebay for a buck, maybe drop that into a something?

Back when I have a bit more time to check the links, thanks.

This is the red emitter for a buck shipped on ebay,\_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649

Plafondlamp, what are you talking about?

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something like this?