Small Sun 5w 100 lumen AA flashlight - $1.99 @ Focalprice daily deal

16 and a half hours left at the time of posting.

It's a small sun zy-309 best as i can tell ..

Dino and manafont and everyone else on the planet has it as well for about 4$

20 lumens maybe .. about the same as the power light

I wouldn't expect anything great from it either, but I like to buy cheap ones and test them out with other cheap ones.

My niece (four) and nephew (six) end up with all the cheap ones anyway, they think they are the best thing ever.

Yes,this is for entry level I think,you can buy it for little child

I think it is funny that little child use flashlight,becoz in China little child always want toys or ...

In USA, all little children want are flashlights. No toys.

So true. See Foy's avatar for reference:

[Or then - that's what happens if you have flashaholic parents..]

When are Torch producers going to discover XB-Ds??? Then we might start to see something like the Sipik 68 for 2/3 the price.

to me it's all about the body .. hard to beat a great build

every light is just a host after the emitter is out of date .

wow,this is culture difference ,if I have child later,I will give him/her flashlights as gifts instead of toys or other things