Small sun ZY-A8 rework help

hallo.need the advice now.i bought the zooom flashlite-this:
i would like to replace the plastic len for another-better glass has 38 mm diameter and is 1 cm deep..
which glass len could be ok for this flashlite? the deepest i would like to get.
also i need to replace the reflector.the drop in is only cheap metal,without the textured orange mirror..i need the smooth one...i will replace the led for xml on star.which could be good??
thank you

Not trying to kill your enthusiasm but there is a good reason XM-L will hardly ever make a good zoomable flahlight. Stay with XR-E package emitters if a zoomie you want. Also you cannot chage the lens to a glass one jsut like that. Focal distance matters in those. Youre unlikely to find an exact match for your in glass version. If you do the head would be quite heavier. I tried once with a romisen RC-C8 wih various glass lenses. Not a single one worked like the stock plastic one. You might succeed tho but aint easy. Be sure to buy a load of those lenses if you find them.

Also zoomable flashlights does not have space for a shiny reflector by design. The best you can do is change the emitter to R2 and drive it at 1A with a linear regulator and keep the stock lens if you wish to keep it a zoomie flashlight. If zooming is unimportant you might want to reconsider the body.

Zoom lights don't need a reflector at all. To get a better effect, it would be good to paint the inside of the head in matte black to eliminate unwanted reflections and artifacts in the beam. What you likely can see, is the so called Cree-ring. It's a reflex from the metal collar around the LED. This would be gone when using an XM-L or XP-G, but the "whoah" effect of the zomming light would be gone as well. Other than that, the desingn has poor heatsinking quality and can barely deal with the heat of an XM-L that is driven at 3 amps.

I orderd one of these too (three x&@ยต%! months ago) and I also want to mod it when it finally arrives. I will probably go for an XP-G R5, even though, as I mentioned above, it might ruin the effect.

i fought not reflector,i meant the the collar around the led..yes..the "mirror"..well,you are probably right with the xml...too hot...

this means,there is no chance to mod it for something just little bit better,than is it now???

cos,its a really poor light now...bad quality,bad switch.....

i also wanted to change the plastic lens for any glass....::(((

If that is of any help. By fat theb est zoomie i had is romisen RC-C8 in stock form. It's a twisty zoom but i found it pretty reasonable too. By far the best build quality so far.

XML flood to throw: :)

They also have MC-E version: LOL

I have mod the small sun zy-a8 with xm-l and the 42mm kaidomain lens without the border

for this mod are neccesary 22mm diameter aluminium bar x11.8mm for perfect focus

more info here:|en-CN&hl=en&ie=UTF8

stock lens vs 42mm kaidomain lens stock lens left:


small sun zy-a8 xml left vs c78 with 14500 right

xml right, 19000 lux@1m (xr-e with 20mm lens vs xml with kaidomain 42mm lens):

with the xml i got good throw and very good flood, it work nice with 3xaa nimh or 1x18650 (i dont have yet C ni-mh batteries)

I will make other one with the stock led xr-e for more throw

Excellent mod, moviles :D Have you tried with different lenses? Which are better? With less or more curvature?

the 42mm kaidomain lens are the best for this flashlight.

the stock lens have too big focal length and make some aberrations and flood effect

the 44mm dx lens have too big focal length and make aberrations and flood effect too