Small Sun zy-t08 XP-L/XM-L2 Deal, How do i proceed?

I was just talking with Katrina Pang from Shenzhen KKT Electronics Ltd and she stated that if we get 100pc order that they would put xp-l or xm-l2 emitters in the light for us.
My question is how do I proceed? Should I put them in contact with GB or BG or CNQ?

Looks like they are a dealer, so they should be able to handle it themselves. See if they will accept PayPal and see if they will free ship all the lights, via regular post methods, such as china post or HK mail, etc. If they don't want to deal with that, then start contacting other dealers.

ok thank you for the help OL

got a message back and looks like i will find a new dealer

Any interest in the Side Switch version? Or is that a completely different light?

I prefer the original

New one has plastic reflector.

If it’s the original one I’ll gladly get a few of them, if it’s the new one I’m not interested.

I got the original one (a.k.a T08) two years ago from Fasttech and it has plastic reflector. Looks like some members did receive them with aluminium reflector though.

By the way if this GB somehow gets a green light, might as well ask them to put in XP-L High Intensity and boost the current a little, so that everyone can get >100kcd thrower out of the box at budget price, no modding skill needed.

I messaged them and they stated we would need more than 200 for them to make it worth it on the XP-L HD’s. so I am looking for a new supplier.

I definitely agree. I would have to have a few guarantees with this GB, whats listed above and an Aluminium Reflector.

right now I can’t find a supplier that will put in copper and an xp-l HD. So GB will be put on hold.

It's not that good a deal. I'm selling mine (anyone interested?). Basically, the beam is ringy as hell and this light has no advantage mod-wise over the first (cheaper) version. An XP-L factory no-dome version would be awesome!

Just speaking for myself here but how close can you get at a reasonable price . I takes a lot of work to get all of the bells a whistles that people are going to want. A powerful driver would be a good accomplishment for this light since it is an odd size light/battery configuration. Many people can swap out an emitter in 5 minutes so you still might have something worth doing.

No worries man, we understand that GB is not easy to do. :slight_smile:

200pcs is quite a large quantity to begin with. I guess it is because XP-L High Intensity is not as popular yet, while they need to buy a reel (1000pcs or so?) of XP-L HI just for the sake of this groupbuy, they may not have an idea what to do with the rest of the leftover LEDs later because they don’t know/appreciate what these XP-L HI can do lol.

Unfortunately 200 pieces is not a big deal to manufacturers. Most of them have a 1,000 piece minimum on lights. Usually, if they will do 100 pieces it's because they have lights that they are stuck with and want to get rid of, or have written them off, so that they can still make money on a lower quantity.

The plastic reflector on the ZY-T08 was a blessing, because of the issues with reflector clearance in that light. The plastic ones in the last deal were good and we didn't have to worry about shorting the leads on the mcpcbs with the plastic reflector, so we could get the reflector a little lower to the led.