Small Sun ZY-T08

Hi Reflection,

In my test of a new hand held spot light I purchased, I put it up against my Fandyfire HD-2010 and the Small Sun ZY-T16. I’m sure the T16 uses the exact same reflector and a similar driver as the Small Sun ZY-T08. If you want to see the beam shots, just scroll down to the photos I posted a few days ago.

I know nothing about modding but am going to try this one. Where exactly do you solder the resistor on the driver? Is it the bottom of the resistor on the left to the top of the resistor on the right or can you solder anywhere on the left resistor and anywhere on the right resistor. thanks

Those resistors are in parallel, so you can solder anywhere so long as you get one leg soldered to one side and the other leg soldered on the other side. In the pic above one side would be the side of any of the 3 resistors toward you and the 2nd being any of the 3 away from you. I think viffer attached his the way he did simply because it was easier with the size/length of resistor he used.

Hope that makes sense.


Got it, thanks Garry.

Will it have any side effect from the increase current? Reduce in driver life-span? Irregular flickering or dimming of LED?
I am waiting for my unit to arrive too.

I wonder what if you just short all the sense resistors with a thick wire, will it go near direct drive?

EDIT: Just recall and found the answer here , so yeah it will go direct drive.

I shorted out my resistors, got 4.5a at the tail, it worked great for about 10 hours of runtime, 25~30 min a time on high, then I went to go to low so I wasn’t blinded when unlocking my front door, no go :~
I checked the current at the tail with fresh pano 3000mah and got 5.65a then it slowly dropped over 5min to 5.4 and stayed there for at least another 10 min, it got to hot to continue (tailstanding indoors), but when I go for my 30min evening walk it does not appear to dim much at all, although it does warm the hand to the stage I swap hands often.
I need to get a xm-l2 u2 on copper in there (it’s stuck in the mail :frowning: ) as the xm-l t6 is on alumimium and is going slowly more yellow, and I don’t like warm white :stuck_out_tongue:

ugh… I put 3 R220 and it work wonderful on 2 of the lights but now one of them is dead :_(

Trying to find the right resistor to do this mod, found the .22 ohm resister in 1/2 watt, 1 watt, 2 watt, 3 watt. Which one should I use and what do the different watt numbers mean?

Is this light powered fully with just one battery or does it take both for full power? Is it more safe to use. Just one versus two?

In stock form one battery is just fine. Cells are in parallel and therefore pretty safe. I do believe it's still best to use matched cells (same brand, same capacity).


By now but this light and reflector makes a SUPER host for the MT-G2 mod .

Has anyone done anything new or interesting to this light in the past 2 years? I meant to buy one long ago, forgot all about it. I’m back to thinking about this light vs the Courui D01, both lights seem to be less prolific on the retailer sites than they used to be.

Is there a newer equivalent light that I should consider in place of the ZY-T08?

This light is a good thrower even in it's stock form . A dedomed XM-L2 , driver resistor mod up to 4-4.5 Amps , a little work on the high of the spacer between led and reflector , double springs in the tail (or wire bypass) , a capable switch (Osrom) ,and you gone have a new lover...Just give it a try !...

Nice… good to know! I can’t believe I haven’t bought one of these already… but I go through “interest phases”, and often my interest in flashlights wanes in the winter months. Probably because I get up north into the woods off of the lake every week in the summer; it provides LOTS of opportunities to use high powered flashlights.

Personally I think this light is way too big for tail switch only so I recommend installing a momentary side switch with a dual switch compatible driver. Mine was just laying in the drawer collecting dust before I did it.

A good idea. Did you post about that mod anywhere on the forum? I’d love to see what and how you completed that (not that I couldn’t figure it out, but it helps to have a baseline idea).

Probably overkill for your intentions but I went all in and designed my own dedicated drivers for series cell conversion: Mod/Driver: ZY-T08 series conversion, MT-G2.
For just side switch mod with existing LED you could piggy back the current driver with any driver of your choice. There is a lot of room inside that pill.

Read through your thread… nice work. You and my dad would have gotten along nicely… he scratch built a lot of electornics in his years. Former Motorola field Tech… that man could wield a soldering iron and acid etch a pcb board like no one else. The crazy cool stuff he built…. much like your work.

Thanks for the tips… I’ll be ordering soon. Looks like Fastech has it in stock at the best price. About $21.

The o’ring on the battery tube to seal with the head is way to small on the ZYT08 I’ve been getting from Fasttech. I’ve been using C8 bezel o’rings that work a lot better.