Small Sun ZY-T92 or Small Sun ZY-T08

So I just saw these two lights on Wallbuys for $20 and $20.50. Which would you think is the better one to get? I have seen a bunch or reviews for the T08, but nothing on the T92. I am guessing the T92 is in series and the T08 is in parallel form the reviews I have read. I might upgrade it, but not sure. Which would you choose and do you think the price is good? Sorry if I am being to vague as I haven’t really put much thought into it yet. I was thinking about putting an MT-G2 in whichever I get possibly. But that depends on how much an MT-G2 will run me as well as the driver for it.

Small Sun ZY-T92

Small Sun ZY-T08

To collect: both.
For use, depend, for example, the T92 is not used easily with wearing thick gloves (the two buttons are very close). (it’s just a personal opinion).

Your listed SMALL SUN ZY-T92 is also called the UniqueFire UF-F10 a clone or copy of the Fenix TK-35. I did a TK-35 clone conversion into a MT-G2 light. Only 1 driver I found fits - Informationen zum Thema lck led.. It is a favorite light of mine very well heatsinked.

ZY-T08 have a considerably larger reflector. Close to 20$ is the cheapest price it have ever seen it (if it has not been on instant kill).

In general, MT-G2 likes larger reflectors. With the ZY-T08 you get a lot of pill space, so its flexible as a mod host. ZY-T08 is also popular because it uses 18650 batteries in parallel (safer setup compared to most other throwers) and its great value (even at 25$). Its very short and jacketpocket friendly compared to other large reflector throwers.

Here is MT-G2 in ZY-T08 build.

ZY-T92, not too familiar with it. I have considered it in the past, but to me, it does not offer that much. Im not a huge fan of the styling/looks. Its more of a general purpose light. As a general purpose light its got a lot of competition on both higher and lower price ranges depending on what type of light you want. There are not many driver circuits that utilizes both switches. Which is probably why its not that popular as a mod host either.

Drjones have a driver that is made for TK35, and similar clones. Lumo35drv. You might be able to mod that driver to become compatible with 2x18650 in series... Just an option that might work...

the T08 is a thrower right? What is up with WB’s wall shot there? It looks like a spiller to me.

I’ve heard the T-92 (aka TK35 clone) has issues always starting in low, not being as bright as a standard budget XM-L, and definitely not a TK35. That is a good price, though. The T-08 will be the better light and all-round thrower.

Looks like the picture is overexposed/burnt out in the middle. Basically, the middle is as white as it can be, and the spill looks very bright too.

With lower exposure the spill would be less bright, but the middle would still be extremely bright.

From the average store wallshots have limited value (, especially when it comes to judging tint).

Thank you guys for you input. I went ahead and ordered the T08 along with 2 of those $1.99 zoomies.

I’ve wanted one for a while, I’m stoked!