small travell charger - AA/AAA/18650 (or more)

Hi. Looking for a charger that could:

- be small, so only 1 cell

- charge AA/AAA/18650 (16340 is a plus but not required)

  • be using USB connector, so without additional power supply (simply because it needs to be small and there always are some usb chargers around)

Something similar to v7 miller ml-102 charger but with AA/AAA capability.

Is there something recommended like that ?

Xtar MC1

Fits em all

Perfect, who sells these (chinese, cheap seller) ? Don’t see these on banggod or fasttech.

Edit: Indeed, no AA/AAA support in MC1 :confused:

Hit up alot of e-Cig vendors

Poland is still outside of USA :wink: The seller doesn’t sell to EU it seems.

ah crap…maybe they have em in the EU somewhere

I would rather not charge common nimh aa or aaa in it !
it’s a li-ion only charger.

For AA, AAA and Li-ion i would opt for a nitecore i2 i think.

in europe for example available at nkon

It’s Li Ion only

The Nitecore I2 is also a very good charger that can charge NiCD and NiMH, and Li Ion

I2 doesn’t meet requirements - no USB as power source and it is gigantic (but size is less important)

XTAR XP1 should fit. No 18650 support …

HKJ’s test Click
The Nitecore / JetBeam i2 (and clones) are a bit larger.


This is an excellent charger, does all your asking plus more.

Thanks, fasttech also has it (a bit cheaper) -