SmallSun ZY-T27

LightsCastle has been updated with a new model of SmallSun. The SmallSun ZY-T27.

Contains T6 emitters, a remote pressure switch, and requires 1 x 18650 battery. We are currently offering it at $22.22 at the moment as the price will only last until 11-26-2012. We also have a special offer for anyone who wants to particpate in writing a review for us! If you choose to do so, we will send factory direct headphones and a USB car charger as a gift!


do you with a strap and a charger line? as following

Here are some pretty pictures and a few beamshots against a white wall we took in the office.

As said before this is a zoomable flashlight that has a wired remote accessory. It also has a tailcap clicky if you don't wish to use the remote. This may come up later, but LightsCastle is also looking for people to review our newest models of budget flashlights, we would be glad to work with reviewers who is interested in building reviews and sampling lights. Peace!

Josh - this light comes with the (remote pressure) switch?

Yes it does. In the pictures I provided its the flat part at the end of the detachable wire. It works just like the tailcap clicky where it cycles through the modes.

Let me know if you have any more questions!

Yes ,it does contain the remote switch.Except the battery ,all accessories contained.

is it a twist zoomie?

Yes, in the picture where the light is standing on its head, you can see some text and a 2 directional arrow indicated the twist motion for different levels of zoom. That is where the twisty part is located.