SMO p60 XML reflector help

So I have noticed some SMO reflectors for XML drop ins look great, while other are just so so.

My favorite is from a nailbender drop in, it has a nicely focused beam. Non of my other reflectors give as nice a beam.

Does anybody have a favorite reflector that is easy to purchase? My fasttech ones are okay, but for my high output lights I’d like a really focused reflector like my nailbender one.

My favorite P60 SMO reflector is the one that came with my Ultrafire/Manafont T6 3 mode .

I just want one that isn’t all ringy. I have a Nichia219 P60 with a smooth reflector from Custom Lights, and it has the ugliest, ringiest beam profile of any light I own. I want to switch to an OP reflector, but its glued in.

Ouchyfoot , You could cover the emitter with something and hit that reflector with a 1 second blast of clear poly spray ...