so all this time i have actually been buying cree q3 leds diguised as china cheapie luxeon clones?

and they dont even require heatsinking they are so efficient!
notice the gap under the led.ot its got a thick slug.

LOL haven’t u seen the original Cree LEDs before?

yep, I’ve been saying it for years, these leds, are not even soldered right to the mcpcb, you can see legs soldered manually, and heatpad, if you lucky, only touches the star, if you are very lucky they would put paste under it, thou I’ve seen it only few times, but most of the time, they have a gap between the star and heatpad. at low currents it helps that the led has a huge heat slug, but at med high current these leds fry.

however these leds when mounted properly, reflown on star and heatpad is soldered too, are actually quite ok. I have overdriven them for prolonged time, without knowing, and they held up pretty good, but you got to reflow yourself, I have not seen them sold on stars correctly mounted.

Yes the china luxeon clones do well for what they are.
impressive when soldered directly to the heatsink and dd with an 18650.
but that’s the first I have seen with phosphor only on the die.
the color uniformity on the ones I have are decent.
maybe these are better?
I guess the cheapie chinese sellers call any led a cree now.
like we commonly call any carbonated drink a coke.

this one reflown the right way. well at least as close as possible to “right way”, I did this one, and about 100 others.