So excited.. just bought myself a soldering station!

Just ordered a soldering station from eBay. It’s a cheap non-brand one though, only like $15. I think that’s good enough for resoldering wires and small mods.

What soldering station are you using?


Don’t use a station
Used a hakko compatible iron.
But it does not feel all that sturdy.
A month ago I was at supermarket Lidl and they sold solderingirons with a for me completely new way of bringing the heat to where you want
Brass solder point screws into the iron.
I wiggled and pulled in the store and it felt really sturdy.
So I got one (only €7,99)
And now I use that.

A year ago I bought a Yihua 936, which is more or less a Hakko clone. For the first time there is more solder on the place I want it to be than next to it. With the fine point I can solder things I cannot see with my bare eyes. Later on I have bought a set of various soldering points. Also from HobbyKing.

I am using a Weller WSD 81 digital.

I like it and it was free. Got it from a friend that worked in electronics assembly. But consumable parts are going to cost me more than a new Hakko clone. It has a nice relaxed silicone cord to the iron. I have used it to solder fine stranded 12 AWG to brass bullet connectors but had to turn it up a bit higher than my normal 700*F.

Just got done using it. Made these 5730 LED warm white bulbs with T10 connectors (194) into BA9S. Can’t get that WW LED in the Ba9S socket so I have made my own for a couple of my cars. Cool White in the position I need them in is not good, too blue and screams non-DOT approved.

Well, I’m stuck with my old Metcal MX-500P-11 setup with a regular iron and the Talon tweezer iron too. Tons of tips for both. It works ok I guess. :wink:
I’m headed towards the high end OKI dual output system next month and will probably dump this one here for sale cheap.

I also have the Yihua 936 - probably one of the best purchases I have ever made - going strong for a year now with weekly usage and it is still on the first tip (I clean it after using the station). Temperature control is pretty accurate as well and soldering brass or copper has never been a problem (for items the size of a driver/pill/wifi equipment , …).

got it from ebay when it was on sale a year ago - I believe I paid 21$ shipped.

I’m also using Hakko clone named Baku 936D, it works super fine for my needs, bought it locally and i cant find much info on the internet.

Another hakko clone user here. I have the 852D. Been working great for me, not as nice as the real deal hakko but it is close enough that the extra cost is not worth it for the Hakko unless you do more then once or twice a day usage.

Man, u guys have some good ones.

30 years ago I bought my Weller from a friend who had used it in a shop for 15 years. I don’t know the model, but its the basic magnetic temp tip model, never failed me.