So, how did you spend your leapsecond?

As you may or may not know, today the world got an extra second! So what did you do with this little boon? I used mine to make wild and passionate love to a couple dozen supermodels and write a couple of novels.

Resetting all my clocks

I used this time to rewind the dvd I had finished watching, so that the next viewing would start at the beginning. It’s a good thing that the dvd’s rewind so quickly, and not slow like the old vhs tapes.

I lit up about 1016 (10,000,000,000,000,000) extra synapses (I was feeling lazy that second). I’m a flashaholic, I had to use the extra time to light something up.

Someone had to retime the nuclear football, thats why your all still here :smiley:

I blinked

I had a huge argument with the wife the whole time.

I tested my maglite solitaire runtime on lowest quality old tech carbon zinc cells. Runtime is only 1 second :(

Thats a good point, if you hook an XM-L directly to a fully charged li ion cell it would probably burn itself out in 1 second

I used it to talk with MEM. And another 8,999 or so. Yeah, we nerded out.

With all the responses here can we vote to have more of these leap seconds? The makeup love after the argument in the leap second lasted nearly as long.

Huh, it’s only been three years since the previous leap second.

I spent it writing a novel.
the end.

Actually, a lot of bastards are trying to get rid of leap seconds. Leapseconds are notorious for causing all sorts of nasty computer problems/crashes. Places like Google and Amazon try to avoid the issue of a time of 00:00:60 or repeated 00:00:00 by smearing the extra second out over the previous/next day. NASA never launches on a leapsecond day. Many places shut down their systems/networks/air traffic control systems around leap time… I opted for the sane solution of banging a gaggle of supermodels…. yeah, I vote for more of the little buggers.

Well that was a novel idea. Was it about nobody in particular?


Was feeling generous.

Still waiting for that one second

i’m opening a dispute tonight if it didn’t arrive

You missed the leap second by 3.256784523 hours. Maybe if theres enough of us interested we can get a group buy going. If the likes of what TP said above is true there should be lots that did not get used kickin around just waiting for someone like us to buy them.

Damn I missed that. Now I’ll need to wait another 4 years to get that extra second. I’ll plan better for next time.

I know I should be saving them up to use all at once.