so i bought a 878.. aka "ShadoHawk 700 clone", *giggle*

since i wouldnt want laughed off the site, i knew not to buy one of these things, this was even before i saw them on here… guys on MY site were asking me if this light was any good or not. (i showed them ebay lights that were identical, i thought, LMAO)

anyways… after the hanlen funny review, and all the brouhaha, well… i just had to have one. I got this one…

I had to find one that took 26650, as i have several china-tastic cheap little zoomies, i pretty much like most of them, and i figured one with a 26650 would make for some runtime.

i cant really add much that any “shadowhawk 700” thread didnt already cover, or, the “poppas 878” review for that matter.

trashing the budget light? thats already been DONE… i actually kinda like it, so, i figured i would list what i liked about it.

1) low price. between the flash sale and using a few points on the purchase? i think i got it for just under 10 bucks. Included was a cheap charger (can always use another) and another “standard” 3xAA holder and a 18650 reducer sleeve. And 2 cheap 18650s, red and gray ones. I KNOW they arent good ones, but, they were free… and they go into this one underdriven light i like and run fine there.

2) Lattice bright xml. I dont think i have one, and, i wanted to be able to show people the “tactical scam light” for 10 bucks, as well as what a clone emitter was.

3) takes a 26650, combined with the low LO of the stock driver? This should make some “all night runtimes”, if not “all weekend”, lol

4) I actually like the lens attached to the bezel. I dont have to worry about dropping it when i open the light to play with it.

5) nice wide flood mode. fairly WIDE flood for a handheld little xoomie. Artifact free, crisp circle, wee bit of slight yellow at the edges. All in all, i really like flood mode.

6) focused up, it shows the emitter. i HATE lights that stop short of focusing the emitter. I wanna SEE the emitter, its a zoomie.

7) i can actually “live with” the tint temporarily until i get a driver and “whatever” on noctigon to replace it.

8) pill? hollow, but a fairly MEATY hollow pill. Looks pretty straightforward to beef it up in the middle. Looks like it takes standard drivers and stars. star/emitter swap, driver swap, de-hollowize the pill… looks pretty straightforward and easy job to “de-budgetize” it.

9) switch seems to make a nice solid “thunk” for a cheapie light, i like that. I can tap thru the modes like i like. Standard Hi-Med-Lo-Disco-SOS, dreaded next mode memory, but, the driver will fix that when replaced.

10) in the low budget world, its actually fit and finish wise not terrible.


i figure just to be a smart@$$, i am gonna gasoline de-dome the LB XML emitter, lol…. replacing it soon anyways, might as well have fun with it… anyone KNOW what a LB XML emitter “gives” when you de-dome it? purple? blue? anyone? curious…

i have hosts sitting around that can use the LB after i get a replacement for this one, the LB is no CREE by any shot? but… i have a bunch of lights with that “yellow blob” of chinatastic emitter… the LB is better than that, at least.

all in all? for less than 10 bucks with a free charger and batteries to use elsewhere thrown in, i’m actually happy with it… i have spent 10 bucks before, and got “less zoomie”.

I scored then hot dedomed a LB emitter, the dome came off really easily and the tint was pretty good. I am really bad with colours but would say it was a neutralish white with just a hint of green, maybe a 3B or C.

“maybe just a hint of green…”

ha ha, i love it… i’ll gas dedome it… lol

i’m not mad at LB… i’m mad at the budget flashlight manufacturers… this whole thing has me running around looking at every “cree” LED i ever got in a budget light the last several years, LMAO…

Is it true the military couldn’t issue the ShadowHawk 700 in 26650 is because of the Hague convention? Ten bucks a nice deal.

nice deal!
I bought the same set with just 1 cell for ~$15
But got refunded in full when I posted the LB led in the dispute, seller accepted right away.

Prdered a real G700 lookalike, like the Meco, only branded Ultrafire.
It is crap, but at ~$5,30 woth doing a funny review with the other one about to warn people.

part of me wants to “politely complain” to gearbest about the advertising a CREE LED, then shipping a LB… but, then again i *knew” thats what was coming for the price.

i figure they would just give me “10 cents” worth of “points” and figure that was all there was to do about it… and right now i am on the “2 weeks to your door” plan in the USA, i dont want put onto the “this round eye complainer… make him wait long time” list if they have one, LMAO

i mean, we all plan ALREADY on at least a driver swap… then even if we get a real CREE? we have to swap the emitter ANYWAYS cause it will be on aluminum, and we want it on a noctigon… or cause we want warm tint and a noctigon…

in the end, if we were “successful” all we would do, is drive the price up on ultra budget lights we buy for hosts anyways. we would STILL be swapping drivers and emitters to get noctigons and tints anyways. Theres almost no point.

drive the price up?
check the price the people selling the G700 are paying themselves

Succesfull would mean that they just say it is LB.
I would be fine with that.

The only thing I really don’t like about this light is the switch. I don’t think it can even be bypassed without melting it.

anyone think the switch an take a steady 3 amp driver without playing with it first?

I really had to press my wife to get her to say there was any green, she said it was yellowish white until I kept asking if there were any hints of blue or green.
I thought hot dedoming often had less green than gas dedoming?

I would post a pic but only have an old iphone for a camera.

I think it probably could…I just like to bypass all springs. Take the switch out and take a look at what I’m talking about. Perhaps you might be able to figure out how to bypass the spring without melting the switch.

the tailcap doesnt look like it unscrews… i dont wanna break it if its pressed together…

Oh sorry…I guess yours is different than mine. Mine had a retaining. That probably means your has a better switch than mine as well.

I actually bought this light about two years ago, but it was under the ‘Singfire’ brand .
It was the first 26650 light I ever had.
Fit and finish was OK (for an $11 light) but it was hopelessly under-driven.
So I gave mine away and that was that.

i bought a sample to test for $5.88
and as expected its a $5 flashlight.all those poor suckers out there paying $60.00 for these.
now that thats done i too will dedome or kill it trying.
its already dead as its a hideous blue purple.
so gasoline works on a latticbright?was going to try carb cleaner as i keep lots on hand.