so my daughter was helping me...

package up a bmx rim i sold on ebay. had a stack of news papers off to one side and the shipping label on the end table… she was being so good helping daddy ball up paper to pad the box. got it all packaged up, cut the box all down to make it shorter, taped it allllll up with lots of duct tape (yeah, thats right. who needs packing tape???), went for the shipping label off the end table. not there. asked here where the piece of paper went right here, she goes i helped daddy!

so yeah, ill need to print a new label tomorrow. no printer here.

gotta love lil kids enthusiasm :love:

It’s things like that you always remember. They are also the things that make you clean your shotgun when a boy comes over.

Good one, some of the best times are ones like this!

Kids are funny. :glasses:

Great story, enjoy these times. You’ll be amazed at how soon you’ll be cleaning your shotgun!

not cleaning a shot gun. field stripping either my tz75 or an ar15. id also like to have a suppressor by then, and then be sure to screw it on a 22 in front of them and be sure to explain what it does

Or a P90 (Dont ask).
Thankfully all my kids have gone on to start families of their own now.

A wise man said that when a boy becomes a teenager, you should seal them up in a barrel and feed them through the bunghole until they reach 21…

where is that wise man now?

Google Ambrose Bierce…

what karma…

My friends father was telling the story about the man his widowed mother was marrying and him as a young boy ..they were both trying to feel each other out and neither knew really how to treat the other . they were out on the road when they had a flat tire and the tires back then were a pain to change and the man wanted to include the young boy.So while he wrestled with the tire he let the boy play with the smaller screw driver that he had wanted to play with ..When he finally had gotten the tire on the car he looked at the child and reached out his hand for the small screw driver ....and my friends father as a boy just shrugged ....ooops