So shine 700 mah aa/14500 batterys

I mistakenly bought these SKU: 88010638 from tmart thinking they were lion batterys but it turns out they are lifepo4. My only charger is a nitecore i4. Is there a way to charge them with the i4 or am I screwed. They are protected, will they stop charging when they reach the max or is that too much voltage ? The thing that is misleading is they are advertised as being lion

These cells are not protected! Stop charging at 3.65 volts or you’ll damage the cells.
I have 8 of them myself and they are just right for flashlights, that run way too hot on normal LiIon cells,
for example the Balder HD-1.

I have a few of those also, but don’t charge them with the i4. You’ll need a charger that supports LiFePO4, or if you have a hobby charger, those can be used also. Sorry about that…

Ok thanks, what’s a cheap good charger, could be a 1 or 2 cell I’m not in a big hurry
They claim to be pcb protected

X-tar makes a couple of good 3.2 volt chargers.I have a SP1 from Mountain Electronics(RMM’s store) that works well.

Thanks, I was just looking there try to decide. That looks like it will do fine.

I think that I have one of these:

It has a switch on the side that let’s you select the voltage for LiFEPO4 vs. Li-Ion.

Here is the manufacturer site:
They are not protected, stop charging at around 3.6V and stop discharging at around 2.5V.
You can run them down more without destroying them, but life will be shortened.
I use this cheap charger from the bay:
The charger is ok, the cells are more mediocre at ~400mAh though.

Get this LINK

Great for AA/AAA LifePO4 and NiMH also :slight_smile:

Pocketable, light weight and USB compatible. I highly recommend it.

That’s more in my budget, I’m having good luck with the i4 and never intended to get the lifepo4 but now that I have them I need to charge them.

Edit to add… Ok ordered the so shine charger, thanks for everyone’s help!