So what's everyone's thoughts on these SHADOW SL3 + JM26 Beamshots added!!!

Awesome I can’t wait to here your thought on the sl3

I will probably get them the same time my TK75 shows up, it should be here Friday or Saturday!! I can’t wait!! :bigsmile:

Now that’s a good day!!

I can’t wait for the end of this week!!! I have the batteries charged and waiting for the TK75 + I ordered 6 more HI-Max 18650’s :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The himax batteries are pretty wide they don’t fit in my k40, do you have any 26650s yet?

Ya, I have 3-extra KingKong’s and 2-TrustFire’s 26650’s I know that sucks about them not fitting in my K40 either I called Jason about that and he said he mentioned that to the factory. The only ones that will fit in it is Xtar 3100. I have no problems putting them in my TN31.

Talk about fast service… I already have a tracking number!! Thank you SBFlashlights!!! :bigsmile:

yep excellent service from them, ive used the himax batteries in my sl3 with the adaptor and it worked pretty well also

What do you mean by a adapter?

I didn’t order that, but I have other sleeves from other lights if I needed one but they don’t look like that one… :wink:

well he originally said he was going to ship one free with the lights but I am not sure if hes still doing it

I just looked there and didn’t see anything where that’s said… but no big deal.

he said it either in his video or on the thread he posted here on blf

That sl3 is nice. Looks like the Cadillac version of the ultrafire hd2010.

My Shadow SL3 arrived yesterday from sbflashlights :slight_smile:
It’s my first triple Led light, except for a P60 triple xp-e that i just sold. That used an optic though, so doesn’t compare to the SL3.

I ordered the Shadow 18650 sleeve along with the light, and i’m really impressed with both. The o’rings on the sleeve do a good job at stopping rattle.

The SL3 is very solid, with some weight to the head, and the side switch has a nice positive feel.
I really like the beam the SL3 produces. It has a very concentrated hot spot that throws really well, and the spill is plenty bright enough to light a large area in front of you.
I have compared the SL3 with a 4.5A P60 XM-L i have. They both look roughly as bright as each other shining out into the garden, but the SL3 has a much brighter hotspot, and wider spill, although the p60’s spill is brighter.

So far i have only used Panasonic cgr18650ch cells in the SL3. I have a couple of MNKE 26650’s on the way.
I let the light run for a few minutes(i wasn’t timing), until it stepped down to the reduced level. Switching the light off then on again re-activates full brightness for another few minutes. I managed this a few times until the cell was nearly depleted.

I’m happy with the SL3, and think its well worth the asking price :bigsmile:


EDIT: once the SL3 has stepped down from high, simply cycling through the modes and returning to high gets you to maximum brightness without needing to switch the light off.
The light does get warm/hot though if you put it back to max brightness straight away.

Sounds cool!! Thanks everyone!!

It looks like they will be here today!!! Beamshots tonight!! :bigsmile:

Great :slight_smile:
Interested to hear your thoughts.


Do you have any other high powered lights to compare to this one? Just curious how it holds up… Thanks for your thoughts!! :wink: