So what's new in the wide world of wakky mods?

I’ve been out of it for a while, but it doesn’t seem like too much new has been coming out. Have I missed anything?

lots of new drivers (look up the specific threads in the modding corner), LOTs of new firmware with really cool features. Interesting group buys with community-designed lights. New battery form factors creeping into the markets.

Otherwise… the usual suspects come up with unbelievable mods with smaller lights, more lumens and really nice hosts! Not naming names :smiley:

CRX is up to some cool stuff using tiny brass pipes, magnets, epoxy, and carbon fiber!

Cool. Some new firmware would be nice and new batteries are always a plus.

Nice I’ll have to check it out.

Well, take a look at specifically Narsil by Tom E for e-switch lights. Another great Firmware, but for clicky lights (and now includes ramping!) is Bistro by ToyKeeper. There’s lots of other stuff going on. Check out posts by Flintrock if you want to nerd out with EE speak. He has helped move some stuff along that most of us aren’t near smart enough to figure out. DEL has been instrumental in bringing hardware out of the stone age.

By the way, we have triple channel drivers now, in case you don’t know. The first channel is a single 7135 for the lowest modes, the second channel is a few (or several) 7135’s for mid and higher modes, and the third channel is FET for Turbo. I think you were around for the FET +1 stuff. Well, this is kinda the next step. I think it started with Mike C, but his multi-channel drivers focus on using the least amount of PWM possible by putting a specific number of 7135’s on each channel, and no FET.

Wow! I guess MILSPEC was right to name no names! There are at least another half dozen members doing cool driver stuff alone, whether firmware or hardware related. You’ve really got some catching up to do!

Welcome back 18sixfifty!
I agree with all of the above. And what I find exciting is the availability of many high CRI led types (check Clemence’s group buys for a vast choice of Nichia’s), even from Cree.

Thanks guys, lots of catching up to do.

To me, it seems like there is a lot less of the type of modding that was going on when you active here. There's an ever growing list of lights that now have stock features that we use to have mod a light to have. There are also more hosts and parts that make creating super lights easy for anyone that can solder a wire to a PCB. Basically, high performance lights are becoming the norm and a good deal of standardization has taken place.

There's still innovating going on, but it feel less "one off" in nature to me.

It seemed that was the way things were going when I was last active. I’m more interested in the “one off” stuff but it’s gotta be nice for the average guy to have a list of higher quality lights to choose from and easier simple mods.

Hey there 18sixfifty, great to see you back!

Lighted tailcaps seem to be the thing now.

Its also good to see you back here as well sb. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. It’s nice being back and I’m hoping to jump back in with some new mods soon.

Well, if you haven’t been hearing from him you must not be messing up too bad.

Welcome back! Nobody can fill the void left by Justin but CRX has been doing a pretty fair job. I’ve been doing my own thing mostly with wood and Playing with some low power boost and buck drivers. The Q8 (SRK thewayitoughtabe) GB is the biggest hoping concern. It looks like you also missed the last scratch made contest.

Welcome back :smiley: On a less happy note, the old XP-G2 S4 2B emitter is no more and the redesigned one is far less ‘throwy’. And some of the new emitters aren’t easy to de-dome :frowning: But still there is a lot which can be done and new things to do with so I’m sure you’ll be having a blast again soon :+1:


There’s a lot of new stuff that is nifty
LEDs are still mostly tint-shifty
And it seems every day
There’s more modders at play
We’re glad you’re back 18sixfifty

I did miss the last scratch made contest and I was a judge on the one before that. Maybe I’ll get involved in the next one though, who knows.

I heard the XP-G2 was replaced and that the new one is actually a little larger. I have a handful of the old ones still around, I guess I need to keep them for special occasions. I did make a thrower the other day with one from the old stock S4 2B, it went in an SST-90 Trustfire with the huge reflector and made into a single 26650 mod with a side switch. That one went out to Spazmod and was long overdue.