So What's The Word On These Batteries

Just thought I would ask since a lof of guys say the Japanese batteries are the good ones?

I have some Xtars coming, and I made an offer on the Hi-Max to the seller on Ebay. But would be interested in trying these if they are good.

GTL is in yellow .. Graph was from my Xtar test , I just added the GTL result .

Wow , as can be seen , the batteries really pump for 25 minutes and then fall flat on there face , as they would say on Mythbusters , BUSTED !!! No way 2800mAh !!
You would be lucky to get 1600mAh , Nice output for a little while ...
Possibly re-badged/labeled 1400 to 1600 capacity batteries / the word Fraud comes to mind , shonky , and a few other choice words come to mind . WORD ! you been told n.gifo.gif g.gifo.gifo.gifd.gif

Thanks. Now I know.

I just bought 2 of the Hi-Max batteries for $13 and that's including shipping. I wanted to try them.

I wouldn't buy any li-ion batteries on eBay unless someone does the testing here first and you make sure you get the same seller. There are so many re-labelled garbage batteries on eBay that I don't even bother looking.

Nice job on the results, vawayne!

I already did my homework. But you are right what you say.

Please run from them LOL. I have never seen a single good test from the GTL's also note, there are some sellers saying their Ultrafire's are made in Japan

Well I have some good grey Ultrafire 2400MAH batteries. So far I like em. And I bought them off ebay.

Hmm GTL......DX mentioned "Product print '3000mAh', the exact capacity is 2200mAh" for a GTL branded 18650 in the link below. So I probably stay away from this brand unless the 2800mAh model is proven to have such capacity.


BTW, may I link to your picture? Having some debate about buying cheap batts on other local forums :D

go right ahead link awayLaughing


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