Sodium ion 18650 cell

YABA… Yet Another Battery Announcement… care to guess when these show up in your local flashlight?

Nice, if they get it to production, but we all know how that goes. And the cost/amount of lithium in a battery is rather insignificant.

I like how there are links to more lithium replacements at the bottom of the page

but hey, sodium is more reactive than lithium.
(a wee bit worried bout explosions now)

Yeah, all those devastating sodium chloride explosions we keep hearing about… J)

Rechargeable lithium batteries do not use metallic lithium. It’s the solvent in the electrolyte that burns.

You may laugh, there are many people who are reported to have died from fan death :smiley:

file next to brown note

D.O.T approved!
the fan death thing is about the silliest thing i have heard.linking ones death to a device that has been used safely for a century and is found in most homes?

I have it on VERY good information that drinking water (a.k.a. DHMO. di-hydrogen monoxide) WILL kill you. EVERY person that has died has consumed this hideous substance or has it their bodily tissues. And don’t get me started about the lethal effects of breathing / huffing gas mixtures containing nitrogen and oxygen. :party:

ugly bags of mostly water.
i think i have a skull and crossbones sticker here that will cover the 02cool logo on my modded has GASP 4 18650 in it so quadruple the risk!
gotta warn folks who might use it during a power failure.
the dihydrogen monoxide prank ranks up there with darkon theory .
i have gotten the job shadow kids that come to the shop on both.hook,line,and sinker!

Dihydrogen monoxide kills, man.

All for only $7, how have i survived till now without this (or more accurately how long would i survive if i used this)

i need a blood buck regulator.mine is too high.
oh well lisinopril is cheap and does the job.