sofirn aa lights (sf10/sf12/sf14/etc.)

The SP10A name must have stuck because they had stock after changing the UI, and the colored ones must have started manufacturing after

That is the way I recall reading about it here a while back. So there could be old stock in some other reseller’s stock, but it’s gone now at Sofirn’s outlets. Btw: mine came from Sofirn’s AE store- I like working with Qidong. He lets me switch C8F tails to C8A clicky switches (when I ask him nicely… and am willing to wait even longer to get them). Cool dude anyway.

Thanks, I should have thought to look on amazon.

Was getting frustrated after reading 3 reviews on it here and only one has a measurement, but only the length! (96.1 measured)
Still can’t believe it’s not in the aliexpress listing.

And then of course amazon only lists inches, so I had to convert:

Length: …….96.5 mm
Head: ………20.3 mm
Tail?: ……….17.8 mm (or maybe this is the middle tube?)

Looking more at the SF14, the mode looks great! NO strobe :heart_eyes: , just LMH… hum, might have to get a few of these for my “mugs” (and wife) to use— get my SF10A back!!!

blue sp10b ordered! just for a change after sf10a :slight_smile:

and it’s already on its way to me, woohoo! they were sending it only couple of hours after my order….good job sofirn so far….

In my review I made some measurements and weighting of the SP10A and Sf14: DOUBLE 1 AND ½ "REVIEW": Sofirn SP10A and Sofirn SF14 *[added night / distance shots]

BTW, just ordered a “new” SP10A and a driver for my SP10B host :smiley:

Dang… my wife is going to kill me. Maybe I’ll let her keep that SP10A after-all… since I ordered THREE more today! :sunglasses:

Now I HAVE to go to Ikea- need batteries for all these lights! :person_facepalming:

Can anyone confirm their SP10a or b has short press instant access to firefly now as mine has? Also the Fenix 800mah 14500 protected has worked great in mine. If you live in the US , it ships free from a US warehouse so also comes fast.

Pennzy, that looks like a nice battery, but these Soshines (at $14 shipped) were reviewed well here at BLF and are also shipping within the US. I’ll probably grab a pack of these for my personal stash, and then get a few packs of the Ikea (enloops) for my mugs I’ll be giving some lights to here in a few months.

I just remembered I have a retired mother-in-law who likes to shop and lives nearby an Ikea so I’ll have her pick me up a few packs. She needs something to do (daily) so I’m doing a “good deed” keeping her busy :stuck_out_tongue:

On the SP10A… timing is a little tricky on the memory function. If you hold it off, then hold it on— it comes back to the last setting (except Turbo). But if you turn it off then fast click- it starts at the bottom (on FF). I need to play with it more, and I am wondering if the memory is holding over-night right now. But with both my wife and I playing with it these last few days, I’ve not had enough time to test that suspicion.

I would look into that store before buying . Only 96.6% positive feedback. This ebay seller has been recommended :\_dmd=1&\_nkw=14500

i have over 60 ikea ladda so far…not all them are for flashlights of course, i am using them among other things for sound recorder which is using 4xAA and all around house…they are one of the main reasons why i am avoiding lion batteries, too much hassle for my taste, do this, don’t do this, take care of this and that, nah…nimh rules :slight_smile:

I received a SP10a from the Sofirn Official Ali Store yesterday and can confirm that new lights seem to have the „new“ firmware with a single shortclick to moonlight mode. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I have 2 , purchased about a month apart . One has this and one doesn’t. One has a true firefly and one has a moonlight.

Of course, IF using a 14500, the FF lumen output on mine goes from 1 to 2 (as all mode levels increase).

Ya, as I am gifting to some family muggles AND I have the surplus NiMH chargers in the hand (and these Ladda’s cost about 1/4 of the better 14500s)… I have to agree on the NiMH as a standard load for gifting to some family. My mom-in-law already has her mission outlined for an Ikea run :wink:

But I will be using the 14500 for my personal AA lights because I like the idea of using one charger for all my lights— a lithium ion multi-sized charger- and call it good enough. So I did order the SoShine 14500 set this am (I’ll report back on them when I get and test them). I did snake my one UR14500P off eBay on an auction (for $2.50 shipped- poor guy didn’t make anything on that sell :cry: ).

it is interesting, but in this exact case there is not much difference between nimh and 145000 with sp10…brightness and beam are almost the same…

Yes I read that, great review thanks, however I only saw the length measurement - not the diameters, unless I missed that? :nerd_face:

Sorry, you’re right :person_facepalming: I just read the length part! :smiley:
Here it is: tail and head diameter = 19.8mm ; “base of the head” = 20.4mm :wink:

Hope this helps! And thanks for your words :wink:

Hum…now I don’t know what to expect from mine! I’ll tell something when mine arrives!
And… I guess lots of people here will be saying too :smiley: :money_mouth_face:

Nice compromise would be LFP cells. 3.2V, charges from a LK-100B, but you have to remember to always press Da Button when starting it up. Otherwise it’ll assume it’s a Li-ion cell and try charging it to 4.2V vs 3.6V. That would be a Bad Thing. But at least you’re playing with 3.2V pretty much flat over its whole discharge curve, vs 1.2V.

So dumb newbie question #146… is there a down side to the 14500 (besides cost) performance wise? I mean, yes I know a 14500 will be brighter (in this light) but run shorter. So just wondering about any other issues re. the 14500.

Myah… I saw those and I admit: I thought to myself (which ones are worth buying? - damn, this is going to take another 10 hours of research to find out!) :expressionless:

They seem to be pricey looking around too. Is there an “Ikea” version somewhere I might want to know about?