Sofirn AMZ-US Super Deal-- LT1 & SP33V3 & SP40 & SP36 BLF Anduril, etc.


We offer a nice deal from 1th June from 23th June for most of our products we selling on amazon due to the father's day. Please check the our below price listing:

KindNote: All the products shipped from amaozn US, but recently the shipping from amazon is longer than usual, so please order in advance.

Happy Father's Day!

Please comment the light model, if you need the codes, thanks!

Update on 9th June:

The new batch of LT1 are stuck in UPS warehouse. So the Lt1 has very low inventory. We just can share ONE LT1 CODE per day now before the new batch delivered on amazon.

Sorry, if you are gift the LT1 as father's day gift. Please message us and we will send the code in advance. If not as gift, please just waiting around 7-10 days later. Thank you very very.. much.

If your sofirn flashlight get any issue, please let us know and if the products is defective we will free replacement or refund

1, BLF LT1 with batteries

Original price: $82.99 Deal Price: $62.24

2, SP33V3 WITH 26650 Battery and USBC cable

Original price: $48.99 Deal Price: $31.84

3,SP40 Headlamp Kit include 18650 battery, USB cable, 18350 Tube

Original Price: $32.99 Deal price: $23.09

4, C8G with 21700 Battery and charger

Original Price: $44.99 Deal price: $28.24

5, SP31V2.0 with battery and charger

Original Price: $36.99 Deal price: $22.19

6, SP36 BLF Anduril with Batteries and cable

Original Price: $70.99 Deal price: $49.69

7, BLF Q8 Anduril includ batteries, diffuser and charger

Original price: $80.99 Deal price: $56.69

I’d like a code for the LT1 and SP40, please. Are the SP40s 5500k or 4000k?

Also, any codes for the SP10S?


Hi, can I get the code for Lt1 and SP40 please.

Thank you!

I’d like a code for the SP36 BLF and the SP33 V3.0 too please.


I would like code foe SP40

I would also like code for SP36.

I would like a code for the "BLF Q8 Anduril includ batteries, diffuser and charger" please.

Thank you Sofirn.

Could you please share the code for the SP40?

They arent kidding about amazon shipping guys….

I ordered my LT1 on 4/3, shipped 4/6 and hasnt moved from the airline in Nanning since 4/9.

Supposedly its faster direct from the Sofirn website though.

I would like code for SP33V3

I am interested in the code for the LT1

Sp33v3 and C8G please. Would love if you did one for the C8F in the future. I started using one for my rifle light and I love it, but need more!

Code for BLF LT1 and SP31 please.

No code for SP10S?

Can I get the code for BLF LT1 and SP36 BLF please?

Code for SP40 please

Sp33 v3 code plz

Codes for the SP33 V3, and the SP40, please.

Code for BLF LT1 please.

Hello I would like a LT1 code and 2x SP36 codes… thank you

Very interested in LT1. I just added it into my shopping cart few minutes ago.