Sofirn C01R deep red [sold out, discontinued]

Mine is ok. Maybe there’s some residue from manufacturing under the TIR? Can you spot something with a magnifying glass?

when available on local amazon ?

As far as I know roughly as of August 2020 but please expect some more delays as it is out of Sofirn's hands how long Amazon will need to handle internal logistics and goods release.

Okay, i bought a pack of 2 now then. looking forward getting them.

Compared to the red LED in the Fitorch K3 lite (presumably 630 nm), the photo red XP-E2 is a significantly deeper red, and the C01R is not much different in brightness, thanks to a powerfull driver. Still it maintains high mode over about 15 mins (someone else, not me, tested this). Well done.

Sofirn C01R arrived in the mail today!

Wow. It’s such a nice little light. The beamshots don’t really do it justice. I attempted to take some photos too, but it’s proving difficult… it’s hard to get a photo that shows the vibrant red light fading outward.

There seem to be some minor artifacts in the beam when holding the light a few meters from a white wall on Medium. Would this be due to the gap between the PCB and the reflector?

Low - nice and dim.
Medium - a little bit too bright for my liking for close up indoors.
High - omg, red!

Thanks Lux-Perpetua & Sofirn!

hah the more pics i see and read of this light the more i regret i didnt buy this light sooner.

How’d I miss this?

Cyan filter glasses?

MCPCB is copper or alu like C01S?

Guess what wavelength of red is in your monitor! :smiley:

Actually, it could vary depending on the exact type of monitor, but photographers have observed for years that most monitors don’t reproduce the full gamut of colors that their cameras capture, including deep reds. It was bound to be difficult to capture and properly display a deep red light well.

Hoping mine arrives SOON and in time to photograph Comet Neowise! I hate fumbling with my camera settings in the dark. :smiley:

Would you mind sharing some „in situ“ pictures of your astrophotography session with C01R including a picture of Neowise? It would be great to bring deep red light to a broad audience.

no lightsaber in your pockets?

eBay says 40 sold, zero available

My package has been stuck in Hebron KY for almost a week now. Don’t hold your breath for any kind of pics from me. Heh heh! That’s a sure way to delay delivery and increase chance of cloudy weather! :wink:

Maybe there are other Comet photographers/C01R-users reading this and will post their success?

Astro-photography and flashlight newbie

Yeah, but saber a bit green (540nm) it is. heh heh.

You’re welcome! c3/2020 f3 neowise on 07/19/2020 12:16 am CEST

Feel free to use it public domain. Filtering orange clouds on the horizon has never been so easy. :wink:


You caught a shooting star :slight_smile: .

And here is another one:

Kind regards