Sofirn C01S SST-20 4.000K 95CRI / Low-High version available again!

When will Sofirn have these sandblasted C01S with Low-High available again?

My ordered C01S with Low-High before (1st batch), never arrived (refunded after several months later of waiting)…

Got 2 of the grey low/high versions a couple weeks ago and 1 of them was a bit wonky. Sometimes it would work, sometimes it wouldn’t. Sometimes it worked on low, but not on high. Just odd behaviour. Tested its head on the other C01S body, on an older C01 body, and a bench power supply. The head worked fine every time so I knew something was wrong with the battery tube.

Finally got around to tracking it down. Pulled the spring out, and there was a bunch of black (corrosion?) on the bottom preventing a clean ground circuit. Used some sandpaper with a thin probe to scrape it all clean. Re-inserted the spring, re-assembled the light and it works perfectly.

Hope this helps if someone else gets a similar wonky unit.

Maybe some tips on how you pulled the spring out from the C01/C01S body tube? The inner tube has quite small diameter…

I used a cheap pair of electronics tweezers. The key was getting one tip through the center of the spring (where it’s bent and comes to an end), clamping tight and twisting as I pulled up. It came out pretty easily. It’s just a friction fit.

You can also just bend a little hook on the end of a stiff wire; then once the corrosion is cleaned out, some Nyogel or other conductive bulb grease will help prevent it from happening again.

Nyogel and other “bulb grease” is not conductive. The electric connection is made by the contact points between the two objects. But the grease helps sealing the area which prevents arcing (not really relevant for flashlights) and corrosion/oxidation.

L/H on my Red sample, Nice balanced Beam.
Optic not well protect against hurt for an use on Keychain.
Driver contacts could be more thicker.
I prefer smooth design like 348 but this is taste

104 pieces available

I ordered the sandblasted and I hope it comes this time. I never got my order from the first batch after waiting months.

Unfortunately the plastic is susceptible to scratching. I noticed from looking at one of mine. Not being particularly recessed like the C01.

I got mine on Tuesday!
My sample had an issue, it didn’t turn ON.
I opened the head and took the driver out, and the red wire was cut somewhere in the middle. The white one only had a small cut in the tube.

I had to replace the wires to make it work again.

This failure was already communicated to Sofirn (through AliExpress message).

The beam is nice although I thought it would be floodier (as if it used a pebbled optic). The body…well, I can barely see the engraving there. The sandblasted is…weird for me!

It took a month to arrive at my home (due to problems with the national post services).

Som photos below:

XP-G2 CW >>>>> Samsung LH351D >>>>> SST20 (Sofirn C01S)

hm thats weird… i expected a more floody beam :frowning: doesnt look good with the crappy wire job…

Why SST20 for this C01S instead of better Rosy Nichia?
My sample begin to flicker,after spend time to check the spring on the tube didn’t make good contact,now seem fixed.

Luminus is probably cheaper for Sofirn to obtain.

btw, I ordered a sandblasted one a little over a month ago, it just got to the USPS NY ISC earlier today

Out of curiosity, what would happen if one replaced the LED with a 6V one?
Would the boost driver be able to handle it?

so this just came in the mail. what’s the design on the end for? does it fit something specific?

The circle hole is for a magnet and the long one is for a tritium vial.

Thank you! that makes perfect sense.

I guess I can look through Aliexpress and try to find singles of those two.

thanks again.

Can someone post the appropriate magnet again?

I like the old rosy Nichias too, but they aren’t widely available anymore correct? Any examples of 219c that are similar?