Sofirn C01S SST-20 4.000K 95CRI / Low-High version available again!

That’s a shame, mine came so fast I had no idea what the package was, wasn’t expecting it nearly so soon.

yes, well… its OK
I had another order, different company, Jetbeam, that was also lost, from the same order date…

I dont blame the shipper, I think it was just corona chaos…

I have received the replacement order from Jetbeam, some pocket clips I still wanted.

In the case of Sofirn, I no longer want the C01S nor the LEDs I had ordered. So Im requesting a refund. Sofirn did not reply to email, so I created a paypal dispute… Still no response from Sofirn… but Im sure something will work out.

Hopefully they’ll get back to you. They have been slow to reply for me, but have always responded

wow ok, was it ever shipped what did tracking nr say ?

Thanks! I voted for 2000K. That would be amazing!

I’ve amassed a nice collection of Sofirn lights now. I’ll definitely be giving out the C01S as my bulk Christmas present this year.

update 8/21/2020, I NEVER heard back from Sofirn

Paypal ruled in my favor and refunded the purchase.

update 8/23/2020
My C01S arrived!
I have asked Sofirn to invoice me so I can pay them.

C01S First Impressions here

:+1: Glad you got it Jon……. :partying_face: :beer:

all is well that ends well… corona happens

Looking forward to the C01R I just ordered too :slight_smile:

I want to swap the driver in one of my C01S lights, does anyone know the max voltage and current that the SST20 can handle?

Well… when hooked up to a power supply, 6 amps at which point it’s vF will be 3.8 volts. (djozz test)

I doubt you’ll be able to feed it anywhere near that much current in something the size of a 10440. And that C01S will get toasty in a hurry.

Is this going to happen soon ? I’m about to buy 1. But got interest in lower lumens for longer runtime.

Looking at the demand in C01R and considering that my initial expectations were exceeded, I personally feel quite confident they will adopt this enhanced UI sooner or later to C01S, too. It's probably a matter of 'when' the next batch is being produced. Moreover, I wouldn't mind if they did not only use different body colors but also different light colors apart from neutral white and deep red. A green (C01G), blue (C01B) or yellow (C01Y) might be interesting as well even though I expect less interest than in C01R. They could also try testing Osram's CSLNM1.TG or CULNM1.TG with this light, using the original driver of C01S or C01R (I doubt it's overstraining the Boost HX LED). Acebeam for instance has successfully introduced Osram's White Flat 1 in their M50 keychain light. Last but not least they could wind up this series with a 365nm UV-A version with LG's LEUVA33W70RL00 (if they used a reflector for the TIR optic).

TL;DR: Lots of potential left for these tiny twisties.

What about C01IR infrared ? Maybe can work with the same driver of C01R.
waiting news of C01S E21A soon…

I’d be down with a yellow/amber version.

As far as future 3 mode white versions getting a different LED, I’m only interested if it’s high CRI. I would like if they kept the current LED and tried a different optic. The one on the Manker E02 II is fantastic and would go great in a light like the C01S IMO.

I like the UI on the C01R… a sublumen on the C01S would be nice. Personally, I think the 4000k SST20 color of the current C01S beam is perfect. A sublumen level in addition to the current two would be excellent.

Also, a “flood” version of the C01S would be great!

Are there any useful scenarios for an infrared keychain light? AFAIK, infrared is useful for hunting or military applications (mostly in combination with a scope mounted onto a rifle). But infrared in a keychain light? I'm afraid that would arouse even less interest than another light color like "royal blue". You need an (expensive) infrared night-vision device to see anything in this wavelength (> 800nm). Green might be an intriguing option for its output could be even higher than a white LED (see Osram's Ostar Projection Compact emitters for reference).

Concerning C01S using Nichia E21A I am still waiting for an update from Sofirn. They are trying hard to get a reply from their supplier(s).

Like to improve vision of some portable Sony cam.
Don’t know if exist single AAA IR flashlights,
it would be the first and unique.
But of course demand can be low.
Sorry what application have for example Royal blue?

I see what you mean. But just because something is unique it is not necessarily causing significant demand. I doubt we will reach at least a reasonable MPQ of 200-300 pcs accounted for an infrared keychain light.

I used the example of “royal blue“ on purpose since it will probably be one of the less interesting light colors. So, I chose this comparison to emphasize how small the demand for an infrared version will probably be. Blue light is often reported to be advantageous for finding blood trails when hunting. Apart from that it could be interesting for lightpainting.

Interested check list?

Feel free to set up an interest check. ;-)