Sofirn C01S SST-20 4.000K 95CRI / Low-High version available again!

thanks for this, you bastards… now i bought one

Chill man. If you don’t like their pricing, don’t buy it. Heaven forbid that a company tries to turn a profit…

too bad only 3 lumen on low,there will be (another) update with 15/20 lumen still 4000k?

Sari33, that would require updating/reprogramming the driver firmware, to 3-mode maybe.

Yep gchart, don't worry.

And that is possible by yourself?Didn’t know why only 3 lumens,good only for read paper(maybe)…Hope would be more than declared.

At least they didn’t do a moonlight/ firefly mode and 100 lumens. :confounded:

I just ordered a couple “gray”s… Have half a dozen colored on the way too.

It is unclear to me whether it is raw aluminum or anodized?
Most pictures look raw except one that looks sandblasted and a little tad greenish…
Anybody saw one?

Firefly mode would be more useful to me instead moon mode.2 levels 20 - 100 lm would be perfect

Thanks for confirming, ordered 1 !
I missed the first edition, so this is a consolation prize in a nice matte finishing :wink:

Edit: I paid 8,81€ and immediatelly after that, the price on the plataform increased to 8,82€! Funny, no?!

So, is this still raw aluminum but with some kind of bead blast?

It seems so yes.

In contrast, it usually drops a cent :-) in my case. I think it has to do with currency conversion round off.

20 would be too bright for me as the lowest mode and firefly would would be even less useful than 3 lumens. Well, to each their own I suppose. This is probably why Sofirn never bothered to ask lol.

3 lumens is enough for me to do indoor house inspections at night. It’s still too bright for middle of the night stuff.

I would also trade low for firefly

just picked up a low- high thanks!

With loss on optic would be 15 lm at low
These twist 100lm lights are expensive compared to high power lights
My 1$ AAA light still work after 2 years use on my keychain
It’s sturdy, mod friendly and came with real Cree :disappointed:

Sold out again, will they restock soon?

adding a piece if diffuser film on them makes the 3 lumen look more like a 1 lumen .

The blue and red ones also have the low-high order and are still in stock.