Sofirn C01S SST-20 4.000K 95CRI / Low-High version available again!

Mine arrived. It is actually unanodized, sand-blasted, and L-H.

Looks somehow dirty :weary: .


Confirmed, I just received a red one and it has the L-H order.

They changed the knurl-type to a finer one. And the knurling is now the same on the battery tube and head (a slight annoyance of mine is solved with this). I think it looks better than before, and despite that it is finer, it is still quite grippy.

I also ordered in Red,do you like tint? Beam of my SC31b with sst20 4000k is a bit pale/greenish,not bad but I hoped better

At low brightness it does have a bit of greenish tint. At high brightness it looks nice.

Sofirn, this is a thread for the C01s…
If you wanna advertise here, at least include a link for that light on your site! Otherwise this information is just spamming…

I received two silver C01S today.

Not sure i like the mate finish… i’d rather have them bare Al as seen on some pictures.
They work in low - high mode.

I got my bare sandblasted ones too today and they are ok looking. I expect that a few weeks on a keychain in a pants pocket will wear the matt finish away and the light will be shiny again.

Just ordered a red one direct from Sofirn from their posting four above. What order would you guess it will be high or low first?

I contacted Sofirn about C01S brightness order when ordering from their direct site and they said said H/L for black and L/H for other colors (red/blue)


I can confirm that all blue, red and silver C01S i received the past weeks where L/H. Black ones where H/L.

Thanks for your kind reminder. I will try to avoid similar issue in the future. Thank you for telling me this.

My silver light from 11/27/2019 is taking a lot longer than usual and tracking seems to never have made it out of China. The waiting game continues…

I’m in the same boat you are. Heck my light is probably in the same boat as yours, that slow, slow rowboat.

At least you guys got silver. It was sold out and I have a 2 month shipping estimate.

Same here. I wouldn’t be surprised if all of our lights really are in the same exact boat!

I made two separate orders the same day for some C01S’. Both shipped the same day and were following the same shipping updates in china, until a few days ago, when one showed up processed through NYC/JFK and delivered. The other order still seems to not have left China, as far as the tracking number is concerned. Like you, I am starting to worry that the second package got lost, but am hoping it’s just holiday backup.