Sofirn C8 Host Quick Review

Challenger for other C8 hosts

Sofirn C8. This same topic is also in 18650 lights but I thought this is the right place for this.
I got to the point that I must find good quality C8 host other than Convoy C8. Finally my eye catches up from Aliexpress all C8: s one that looked like what I really needed. Yes, it was Sofirn C8. After some message changing with seller Cissy from Sofirn she gets her boss to change driver plate size from odd 18.9mm to normal C8 size 17mm. Led board is 20mm. Finally they started to do their own new C8 host. Oh boy was I happy to receive that beautiful C8 host!

I had my voice heard in design but one thing missed, knurling of the body. That bothered me at first but now I kind of like that smooth body of this arrival. There is retaining ring above the

driver plate like in Convoy. There is also intergrated head like in Convoy C8.

And tailcap/ switch, very good quality u-shaped tailcap and great switch. !!!

Close look at threads; they are so good and smooth.

If I must find something about this host that is not good? If so, it’s the fact that reflectors led hole in Sofirn C8 is odd 6.5mm.

And led plate is too low machined. I tried spare reflector with 7mm led hole and Kaidomains butterfly gasket. It made with normal size led gasket gap between bezel and head. So normal size 7mm XP gasket bought from Kaidomain is too thick because that low machined led plate. With host comes tiny gasket for 3.5mm footprint leds. If one uses only 3.5*3.5mm leds it’s ok but other size leds have no gasket according Sofirn. And there comes screws to attach led board to the plate and lanyard with two spare o-rings.

C8S: It has 20.8mm driver plate and 20mm ledplate. In that reflector is with 9mm led hole. In C8S there is no problem with led plate. XHP 50.2 led and H1-A boost driver fits great. And again this hosts quality is very good.

I have one Sofirn C8 that is made by Sofirn. It sure has lots of light but tint could be colder in my opinion. Same thing in this, quality much over average C8. Look at those C8:s, three different version.

Simply put these hosts earns their place to be one of the best C8 hosts available. Only Convoy has been one that pleases me. But now Sofirn C8 is what I prefer at lower price point and such a great value and quality. And Sofirns customer service; nobody can’t reach to same level as Cissy does even many has good customer service. And look at other ledlights in Sofirn, what a great quality in some of them. I do not get any money or other goods to do this review. I did get first two host for free for further investigation but that does not affect to my review at all. I’m just telling my thoughts of these new C8 series hosts. And thanks Matt of encourage and reading this before release! Dark nights to all of you flashaholics :slight_smile:

Edit: Just heard that if one orders 20pcs at least one can have his own logo laser engraved to the host. And I beg the factory to CNC led plate deeper.

Update 10.10.2017.

These gaskets are just thin enough to not make gap between bezel and head with 7mm led hole spare reflector. Those are also sold by Kaidomain.

Update 11.10.17

Drivers can be ordered separately. They don’t tell Amps, according Cissy from Sofirn driver is direct driven.

I do not like the crater just below the led

And led plate is too low machined” I don’t like it either. Maybe that’s the depth that it should have been machined, I don’t know.
Edit: Crater just under the led is 1.4mm in depth, just about that gap between bezel and head with Kaidomains butterfly gaskets.