sofirn c8g emitter swap?

hey guys so i have a question what would the best way to swap my sst40 emitter in my c8g for my sft40 emitter in my if22? i think the c8g would fair way better with the sft40 and vice versa. Is there a way i can just do a straight mcpcbs or would just physically swapping emitters be the best option?

Don’t have either of those lights so can’t give you an exact answer.

Maybe try opening both lights and looking at the stars. If they are the same size, exchanging the stars should work.

If not, keep the existing stars in their respective lights but just swap the emitters.

Yeah I’m running into the issue where the bottom of the head has a weird retaining ring so I can’t open it from the bottom. Unless I’m doing something wrong which I may be

Looking at pictures of those lights, it looks like they both have bezels that should unscrew from the front of the light. It shouldn’t be necessary to remove the retaining ring at the back of the head.

Then just desolder the wires to pop the board out?


You may need a small hook or other tool to get underneath the board to lift it out.