Sofirn C8G New Version UI Fail again

Received today the new Version of the C8G with Standby Mode and Moon Mode.

Well, to get into the Moon Mode you have to turn off the Light with the Tail Switch, use both hands to press and hold the side switch an than turn the light on again with the Tail Switch… :FACEPALM:

Uhm, maybe they could integrate a little rain dance around the flashlight in the next Sofirn UI to go to special Modes.

Not possible to go to moon from Standby, no moon Mode in Ramping mode.

They had such a good UI in the C8F… :frowning:

In the future i will wait for the first reviews before buying any new Sofirn light.

That really does sound like a fail… on most reasonably sized lights, I think ML is a required mode. We use lights to see and if our eyes are dark adjusted and we do not have easy access to a mode that is friendly for dark adjusted eyes… it just does not make sense!

I am seriously in love with the FW1A and FW3A and D4V2, but they all missed the boat on ML mode. I have built many triples and quads over the years that have a sub 1 lumen mode just for the purpose of using them when my eyes are already dark adjusted.

I will get off the soapbox now.

“Hidden Eco” mode really is hidden!

This is not to disagree with the entire story but the lowest mode on my D4V2 (3000K SST-20) I measure at 0.16 lumen, which I would classify as “sublumen”.


Never use it

Nor do most non flashaholics outdoors, or indoors

False. I keep a light on our night stand that literally ONLY ever gets ran in the very lowest sub lumen moonlight level. My non flashaholics wife uses it every single night…

In fireflies E07, the "momentary mode" if you click 5 times is like a kind of lock mode. the only way to get out is by releasing the tail cap. This will reset the light.

I found that awkward.

ML is subjective to individual. One might or might not need it.

Imagine you are on a camping trip in a tent with your buddy. ML will definitely be appreciated.

And many others will tell you, why do you need ML on a dedicated thrower. It’s a thrower.

Any, ML is a bonus to me. Use it when you need it.

And yet most lights that folks actually use for work and sports outdoors dont have moonlight

They get around without it just fine

99.9% of campers in tents dont use moonlight

Or i should say they dont use FAKE moonlight

Then I’m the one belongs to the 0.1%. I even use it in my room when my wife is asleep. That is what I call consideration…

+1 I use the moonlight very often to don't use wake up my wife as well.

Not sure how… my FW’s and D4V2 are both way brighter than the D1 and any of my ReyLight’s on ML mode. If I hold the tail switch or side button to go to the lowest mode, it is just not that low.

I suspect that is due to the fact that most never see a good moonlight or firefly mode. I find that I use lowest to mid level far more than I use the upper half of the power range.

In Fireflies E07 depending if you are using ramping mode by steps the moonlight is more bright. But if having the light on you click 3 times you go to the smooth ramping and that one have a more dime moonlight (fewer lumens)