Sofirn factory covering up scratches (Resolved)

Hi all,

Just received my Sofirn order of 25pcs SP40 headlamps and noticed they are covering up scratches or anodizing imperfections on the knurling. I thought it was just the SP40’s but checked over the SP70’s, SP31 V2’s and it’s on them too, 1pc SP70 is the whole way up the body.

I have 10pcs magnetic tail caps and 3pcs 18650 battery tubes with patches all over, and 1pc SP70 that is the worst.

It matches the black anodizing perfectly BUT it’s really shiny which is how you can spot it really easily.

I wouldn’t care one bit if they had advertised at a reduced price noting the issue, but they are trying to cover it up and sell at full price. I’m absolutely disgusted that they have started doing this again, I complained a few years ago when I started seeing it on the 18650 C8F version.

I cleaned this stuff off one magnetic tail cap and it’s scratches all the way around. Feeling annoyed because now I have to sell at a reduced price to my customers. When it was just the SP40’s I thought I won’t go public as it may have been a bad batch BUT spotting it on the other models too is something I need to voice so it stops.

I have a similar experience. Same goes for Wurkkos FC11 that had small scuffs on all parts.

Call them out…hold them responsible.

That sounds (and looks) like a cheap double edge razor I bought on AliExpress. It had scratches and missing paint that someone tried to fix afterwards.

Interesting. Just went over my new SC31pro and there’s nothing on it. One little nick on the ano on the tailcap (inboard, where the O-ring would be underneath) but that’s it.

Got a close-up pic so I/we would know what to look for?

Too hard to get a pic since both the anodizing and the stuff they use is shiny but this is much more. It’s like a wet look, that’s what I first thought it was, moisture.

I don’t really want to do a video cleaning it off the SP70 as it would be harder to sell, maybe that would prompt Sofirn to replace it though. Might do that tomorrow.

Already sent Sofirn another video showing them 4pcs of the 10 SP40’s that had issues. In the same order 1pc had a missing oring in between the lens and reflector, 1pc had a torn usb cover.

Feels like they’ve had a large demand and their QC isn’t the normal.

I’ve never had so many issues in one order before

Hmm. The ’31pro is glossy to begin with so maybe that’s being used on lights that are/were more matte.

Probably easier to just dab it with a Sharpie. :laughing:

Oh, was gonna add that it may be par for the course that if they get a bad batch from the factory, rather than tossing ’em, they’re “fixed up” instead.

Think of a restaurant, where if a batch of steaks looks kinda mangled, rather’n getting tossed, it just gets diced up and made into a stew. :laughing:

i would ask for my money back!!

and keep the stuff of course because it’s cheap anyway

So what does Sofirn say about this?

Just received 3 Sofirn lights yesterday, SP40, SP31V2, SC31B, no blemishes on them at all.

At the same time, I bought these lights to use & abuse, so minor imperfections wouldn’t have bothered me as I’m sure my coworkers will inflict far worse on them.

I own a few Sofirn’s. Never noticed anything obvious, so I re-examined them. Absolutely purrfect.

This has only happened within the last 2 months, every order since the 5pcs C8F V2 have been near perfect

So Sofirn became a shitty chinese compagny? :disguised_face:

It’s puzzling that they would not mention it though. Around 4 months ago they had a bad batch of the SP40’s with poor anodizing which they advertised on their website for a reduced price, this is what they need to keep doing if there’s a problem.

Again, what is Sofirn’s response?

I’ll let you know when I get one/if I get one.

A week ago I posted about a very rusty Sofirn 14500 cell and I’m yet to receive a response. I have 250+ in stock and feeling a little uneasy selling them

They did reply about a manual I sent for the Q8, they just chose to skip the battery message. Not the best behavior being their dealer here

Odd behavior since they have good CS for individuals. Seems an adjustment is in order.

Scratchable anodizing is regrettable. Type 3 anodizing should be scratch resistant, maybe they should consider using that.

Oogled that: