Sofirn IF22A & IF22 beamshots and review [Update 2021-10-02]

well, if you love the buck driver of SP35, please choose SP35. Thank you for your support!

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Although I do like the driver of SP35, the IF22A is an interesting thrower, that the other flashlight is not. Actually I have supported you, by buying an IF22A, and an IF22 prior to all the reviews. Friends of mine liked them, but I had to explain, what is hidden underneath the good package, so now I am waiting on an order of two SP35 and only one IF22A for them.

There are a lot of products, that are "very good in almost every aspect, but..." . I hope you can release a new version with a better driver, so there is no "but...".


Buck drivers are nice, a d we all like linear output, but they’re more expensive and can’t drive an LED as hard as an FET driver can. It’s a trade-off.

Thank you for your feedback! Our SP31V2, SP35, SC21 and SF47T are placed with buck drivers. the new products SP33S (up to 5000LM) and C8L (thrower) will come out with buck drivers too.

Since I don’t use this much I am thinking reflowing an unused LED 50.2 5000k or SST40 5000k and take the SFT40 for another flashlight.

How would it turn out with the TIR optics?

The EA01 with 50.2 TIR looks great but no telling what the difference is between TIRs.

Hope so. I will slice and dice the 50.2 and try it out.

Thanks for an excellent review! I realize this thread began a while back but I hope you can help. I have an if22A on order from aliex and want to order a suitable holster that will protect the body as well as the lens. I keep finding differing dimensions online. I suppose some of that may be due to the different dimensions of the IF22 and the IF22A. I see you list one set of dimensions, but don’t specify whether for the IF22 or IF22A.

i hope either you or someone will let me know the true dimensions for the IF22A.

I also need to find a holster that fits well and protects the entire light including lens. So far my searches (sofirn site, aliex, banggood, scamazon) has come up empty.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

Length: 127 (IF22A) / 137 mm (IF22)
Head diameter: 42 mm
Tube diameter: 28 mm

Does anyone know if there are counterfeits of the IF22A? I found a version on aliexpress with different letters.

I am talking about the left one. Is it fake or just new / different branding? It appears to come in this box:

Everything OK with that version. They just changed their font and the packaging.

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Alright, thank you. I was just confused, because every other review and store still showed the old font.

I just bought this version for 20€ incl. shipping and tax (EU) in the “GeForest Store” ( on aliexpress fyi (I think it’s a good price, if it’s not fake).

To my eye the SBT90.2 wins the instantaneous turbo match. However, I do like the IF22a soft edge of spill.
Personally, I look for runtimes over a couple of hours to pick my lights, so the jury is still out.

I received said model now. I didn’t test it yet, but they changed the packaging again apparently:

They show the “High” mode value for max. range on the front now instead of “Turbo”… But why?? :grinning:

EDIT: Maybe they changed it because it’s a bad batch of SFT40? That would explain the price, to my amazement there was even a 5000 mAh battery included (for 20€).