Sofirn is OK

Ordered a C01R XPE2 660nm Deep RED LED from Sofirn on May.25.2020 after many months I complained about not receiving the light.
On 2020-09-03 they refunded my payment. Today, I received the light. It is an interesting different light that I am glad to have. I offered to repay the purchase price.

I also noted on their site that the new version of the LT1 w/USBC compatibility was on “FlashSale” at $48.99 & w/batteries for $10 more. I ordered a “kit” for my daughter who is subject to rolling blackouts in Ca. I anticipate a few muggle lessons on getting it tuned in and how it differs from their Costco 4per$20 cheapies.

I am happy with the customer service provided by Sofirn.