➤ Sofirn LT1S review (1*21700, 2700-6500K, Type-C) I think we have a winnner

to be objective, i admit that you can get this stepdown. perhaps in 2700K and in some hot conditions. i measured CW , room temperature.

While it s neat design to make a compact version of the LT1, it does not have near the run times capacity with its single cell, and it is a untested venture Sofirn decided to create on their own variant outside the design team that developed the original LT1 while using the design parameters & development we did with the original LT1 as a team. I have yet to get one to test to approve of this variant.

The code does not seem to be working at Aliexpress store. Is there any other code?

sorry, missed your message. i updated code , RQM1OOCXUNM1

Thanks for the great review!

I just received mine today and have a question: Unlike the unit in the review, mine does not run on external power without a battery inserted and the tail cap tightened. The four LEDs light in succession as if the lantern is trying to charge its battery (and the top LED blinks), even when there’s no battery inserted. After a few seconds it seems like the lantern crashes and restarts, regardless of the brightness or color setting I’m in. I see the same behavior when plugged into a USB PD wall charger with a C to C cable. Does anyone have any experience with this?

A few clarifications: first, I can reproduce this with an A to C cable or a C to C cable. Also, I don’t need to turn the light on at all in order to see the lantern apparently crash when connected to external power.

Received one yesterday and did some minor test run tonight. One thing that stood out and that’s that the red light is uncomfortably bright, even on its lowest level. Nice idea, but totally unsuitable to have red light on the table in front of you. You mentioned the high brightness already, but it really stands out (in a negative way). Hanging it up somewhere works much better.

Love the directional light feature.

Oh and Sofirn really needs to address ramping. I don’t know a single Sofirn flashlight that has proper ramping at lower levels. The LT1S suffers from the same problem.

Thanks for the extensive review!

How to set the light at 5000k? It only blinks when it reaches 2700k or 6500k, right?

Also, are the other leds still really on if you’re already at the highest/lowest temp?

Hi Everyone, Just received my lt1s. Id like to get your opinion if what i encountered was normal or it is really defective. I know that lt1s has 2 different led tint 2700k and 6500k. However in 6500k mode I can see a yellow color i 1 led. (See image and video) I think 1 led is defective. For me that is not normal.

Shoul i return the item?

"Pic and videos here"


yeah, this can be seen.

i dont know how i would react. this jus one led. and i`d use camping lantern at warm color temperature, where this additional led is barely seen. it doesnt really interfere use even in 6500k.

is it worth spending time on returning? for me - not. for you - up to you.

It offers free return so no worries.

In your opinion do you think that 1 led is defective. I think over time it will die out.

Also I’ve read online

“Yellowing of the LED’s is evidence of failure from heat. The epoxy resin they are sealed in begins to yellow, changing the color output.”

well, i have never witnessed such a problem, so i dont know reasons of this yellowishness.

for me that is not about money, spent on return, but about time. go here, go there, fill this, fill that...

Yeah maybe your right. Its just a couple of days. I received the item after 9 days of ordering. I just want everything right. Thanks for your input.

Btw love your content! More power and God Bless!

thanx for kind words

the same wishes to you

@Lumeniac. How did you fix/attach your LT1S to the tripod when you did your testing? I ask because there is no threaded socket on the “S”. It would be nice to be able to secure the light to a tripod.

BTW, great review and especially all of the photos!

nice review! Barry was going to send me one to review back in January, but never received it, and still don’t have the LT1s yet to test.

Man, i simply put it upon ))

Disattached part with screw, so mount was pretty flat, and just put lt1s upon it.

Works only if there is no inclide or lamp will slide off

THX. Not very stable. I need to thread a metal plate so I can affix it using the magnets that I installed…

The red ones leds are 660nm or 630nm?

seems like I can upgrade white 1919 leds to SunLike SOL 2835 Project: SUNLIKE LT1 board

50 баксов с батареей и доставкой… ну да… прямо подарочная цена =(


Did you ever get this resolved?

I want to use this exclusively with a LiFePO4 battery pack feeding a 12V to 5V USB buck converter, but want to see whether this is a one-off issue, or a manifestation of questionable QA/build quality.


Has anyone run the light on high/turbo for a protracted period of time from an external battery bank?

I want to ensure that there is decent heatsinking.

Thank you!