Sofirn Q8 Pro Comprehensive Review

Sofirn, do you have a sufficient stock of the XHP50.2/5000K to sell on Do you participate in IOSS?

Good to see a neutral white Q8 Pro!

Good to see new driver.

Nice comprehensive review.

I'll add some of my info.

The unit you got/reviewed appears to be the most recent batch, with the OP reflector.

1) earlier batch of Q8 Pro comes with (board "Q8Pro-A-A0 20210122"):
- Anduril 1 firmware (2020-03-18)
- has smooth reflector,
- can charge at QuickCharge 2.0 9v/12v
- powerbank output function also supports QuickCharge 2.0/3.0 (protocol detection with my USB meter indicates the power bank output also supports PD3.0 but I don't have a better way to test Power Delivery feature

2) recent batch of Q8 Pro now comes with (board "Q8Pro-A-A1 20210520"):
- Anduril 2 firmware (version 2021-06-06 model code 611)
- now has orange-peel reflector (I'm not sure if it will have much effect though compared to the previous SMO reflector)
- can only charge at 5v (up to 3A)
- powerbank out function also only outputs 5v (up to 3A), protocol detection with my USB meter indicates it supports DCP and Apple protocol (5v).


some other notes:

I believe the previous Sofirn 3000mAh 18650s use DLG batteries (no ring at the bottom)

The current Sofirn 3000mAh 18650 batteries seem to be BAK batteries (have ring at the bottom / negative side)

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Thank you for the information d_t_a. I was not aware there was a previous batch with different characteristics. It is a pity they removed the QC and PD ability from the driver, it is something that would really add to the value of this product.

Nice review. Looks like a great upgrade from the original Q8.

I made my own Q8 Pro last year, by asking Sofirn if they’d be so kind as to solder 4 x 3v XHP50.2s onto an appropriate MCPCB, and they obliged! I think I was the first person to ask them to do this, and it seemed to spur a few others to want to do it, and also for them to release it as a product.

I have done a few other mods such as spring bypasses, brass screws, Anduril flashing, AR glass, stripped anodisation, and changed the button LED colour. It’s one of a kind! I measured just under 17,000 lumens in my Maukka-calibrated lumen sphere. It’s an absolute weapon.

Nice Review! comprehensive and informative :innocent:

Nice job on the review.

Seems in the new batch Sofirn downgrade the power bank function of Q8 Pro from PD to only to support ordinary USB fast charge.

Thanks for the review.

Got a couple of BLT LT1. Love that lantern and is pushing me to a Q8 as my next purchase.

I’ve seen a few newer gadget down graded from previous builds. Is it cost cutting, design flaw or chip shortages? I tend to think the last two here.

Great review on the Sofirn Q8 Pro.

Tried your 30% discount code on amazon UK. polymeros30 no longer works.
Do you have another 30% discount code?

Thank you.

Got the Q8 pro and the If22a in my Amazon basket any 30% discount codes? Cheers Dean.

I have an original BLF Q8 and Sofirn Q8 Pro - It is a worthwhile upgrade for the additional power and efficiency of the xhp50s and the convenience of USB charging. Either way I recommend upgrading the firmware in your Q8 to Anduril 2 - you will love it - I do.

Also latest batch only has single wires going to MCPCB.

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

Long time reader here (years!) but new member :slight_smile:

It’s my first post and it is a question. I am not too proud about that

There it goes:
I am the proud owner of many flashlights, diverse and all satisfying.
Recently, I bought a Q8 Pro as an upgrade to my original BLF Q8. The appeal of the USB charge, powerbank and blablabla you know the excuses we make to expand the collection.

However, 2 things have been frustrating me for the 48 hours I’ve had this light.

A. Can you change the color of the LED switch as indicated in the Anduril 2.0 manual?
The 7H from locked or standby doesn’t do anything for me.

B. How do you remove the reflector? I would like to swap it with the one in my original Q8 just for fun, but it seems glued to the head. I know it probably won’t even fit due to the difference in size between emitters, but I would love to try :slight_smile:

Can anyone help me with these questions?
Thank you.

Hello, welcome and I hope I can help.

A. Anduril has the ability to control RGB Auxiliary and / or switch LEDs, if they are present. The LEDs in the switch of the Q8 Pro are not RGB and therefore you cannot control / change their colours.

B. The reflector is screwed on to the body of the light from the inside. You would have to remove the driver first and then remove a screw that holds the reflector in place.

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Aaand thank you :face_with_monocle:
Very clear answers, you did help :slight_smile:

A. Disappointed that I cannot change the color of the switch, but at least I now know why it did not operate.
B. Understood. I will do that.

PS: this forum really is invaluable. I really appreciate it and I love the spirit of this community.
It is a pleasant hobby, that I am very happy to share with pleasant people :slight_smile:

Thanks for signing up, Magnus.LPA!

Your English is perfect although you are in France.

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