Sofirn SC21 mini

Is there a deal on it right now ?

The Sofirn site does not want to show me shipping fees for Canada.

First CR123 sized light I’m interested in a long time…


Your shift key is stuck.

Either that or he’s Samu L Jackson. :smiling_imp:

Yes but it’s not as small. I would really like to see a comparison picture with both lights.

I have the prototype here. The light was originally planned to be sold under a different brand.

From left to right: Sofirn SC21 prototype, Wurkkos FC11 w/ 18350 tube, Sofirn SC31 Pro w/ 18650 tube

I have recommended Sofirn to enlarge the inner tube diameter to fit 18350 batteries. It seems they decided otherwise. The input current of 1A via USB-C (equals to about 1.5C) is a bit much for this small battery and may reduce its life span.

I bought 3 SP31’s with extra short tubes, magnetic tailcaps & diffusers. Very good little lights for the money. I grab the short 18350 over my Olight baton-III as it’s more powerful and sustains higher outputs for much longer. The little 16340 Olight on turbo chews most of its power in under a minute. I like the Olight as it has that Zippo style unique charging case and it’s a good light but if going out for a walk for an hour it’s just not the right choice. I’ll probably buy this new Sofirn just based on their value for MSRP but I bet the short tube SP-31p does everything brighter longer for a small increase in size. Olight 16340=550mAh vs Vapecel T14 18350=1400mAh….so yeah a fair bit of difference for such similar sized cells.

This looks good. I’d like to get one but I’ll wait for more information about the UI. So far I haven’t seen a good ramping UI besides Narsil and Anduril. My only experience with a Sofirn ramping UI is the C8F which I hate.

The C8F UI has (had?) a severe bug (will stuck in moon mode). With that one corrected, it’s a nice UI (SP33V3 seems ok). The only thing I would add is the ability to ramp up- and downward randomly, like Crescendo does and unlike Andúril which annoyingly forces you to wait until you can ramp up after already ramping up. Annoying.

Any kind of regulation in this light? Is there a runtime diagram already?

I’m gonna hafta play with my C8F, as I don’t recall anything evil in the UI.

Only thing I had issue with was turning it really off I’d turn it off via the sideswitch, then unclick the tailswitch, then TCLO the beastie. (Yeah, overkill.) Gotta remember to do all 3 in reverse to just turn it on again. :laughing:


Thank you so much for posting this, I appreciate. That.s exactely what I needed to see. :+1:

Since I'm a total noob... Would you mind breaking this down a little further for me, please? I've inherited -- long story -- a Torchy and an OlightS1R, and would like something similar. I don't mind going a little larger to get a longer run time. Thanks for any help!

very helpful photo
the advantage of 16340 is that it is lower weight and smaller size

16340, 18350, 18650:

here is the 18350 version:
(pic is a link)

the advantage of 18350 is that it has more capacity
the disadvantage is the battery, and the light it fits into, is larger, and heavier…

your S1R uses a 550mAh Battery, size 16340 (16mm diameter, 34.0mm long),
that weighs about 18 grams

an 18350 Battery (18mm diameter, 35.0mm long),
that weighs about 25 grams,
is available in 1200mAh capacity,
double the capacity of the Olight battery.

however, if we use less lumens, we get more runtime
it can be misleading to focus on maximum lumen runtimes, if in reality we seldom use maximum…
so, be happy with your 16340 light and dont worry about capacity and runtime, instead, avoid using maximum… :slight_smile:


16340 is 2mm smaller in diameter than 18350

Example Sofirn SC21
a light whose head was designed for a 16340 body tube, will not accept an 18350 body tube, because the diameter is 2mm larger… the parts wont screw together.

Example Sofirn SC31
an 18650 flashlight can easily use an 18350 body tube, because they are the same diameter.

16340 in 18350 body tube:

18350 in 18350 body tube:


Thanks! I went to the Sofirm site and found the IF25A, so am looking into it now, too!

Don't laugh, but there is a point to what I am seeking. I am blessed to have a large backyard. Large enough that I have to sometimes search for my dogs at night, after letting them out. I'm looking for 1k lumens or so, such that I can light up 1/2 to 3/4 of my yard enough to see where they are/what they are doing. But because I am sometimes wrangling them, a small light I can clip to my collar is most desireable (once I find them, LOL).

Thank you for the explanation!

one man’s small is another man’s large…

I suggest you develop some data regarding the weight of each light you consider, as a basis for comparison.


OlightS1R compare and contrast to Sofirn SC21

Olight LED is not HIGH CRI
to me, High CRI is a required feature, and is the reason I no longer own any Olights.
Sofirn offers High CRI, Olight does not

Olight UI is not Anduril
I like the Olight UI, but not their LEDs
Anduril UI is MUCH more complicated, and requires a LOT more clicking to access all the extra features…

Anduril is a very high output capable UI. People have been hurt when the light accidentally turns on in their pocket. Prudence dictates locking out lights that run Anduril. Locking out requires 4 clicks to lock, and 4 clicks to unlock.

to me that is a ridiculous amount of clicking, and one of the main reasons I do not own any Anduril lights myself

otoh, if Anduril UI interests you, the SC21 is the smallest and lightest Anduril light presently available

to be fair, Anduril is extremely versatile and capable, and can be set up to be as simple or as complex as you like…

warning, if you slide down the Anduril Slope, you will soon be buying an Emissar D4V2 with aux lights… and more… you have been warned :slight_smile:

welcome to our support group… LOL

Based on your response, I went over to the general area and spelled out "small". Thank you for your help!


I think the SC21 is not anduril.

I dont own the light, and you might be right…

I just read a link here

the word Anduril does not appear… so, who knows?

it does say:
Group 1: Stepped mode group
Group 2: Ramping group

SC21 does not use Andúril but more or less a quite similar UI as SP35. An excerpt from the manual...