Sofirn SC31 PRO, New Anduril Flashlight

BLF-L, Charging works fine so far and unlike my IF25a (which only charges to about 4.15V, BUT reports 4.2 using Anduril’s voltage check) this SC31 Pro charges all the way up to 4.2V (and reports it correctly in Anduril).

I’ve only used A-C USB charging so it’s not a speed demon in any case, but I usually charge overnight so no matter to me. I’ve had a 25R in it, topped off- both the last two nights but now that comparisons are done the SC31 Pro will get an LG MJ1 which won’t be quite as bright on turbo, but have another 1000mAh’s of capacity/run-time.

Last note is that the Anduril version is higher than my IF25a’s too. The SC31 Pro reports back what was said to be the March ’20 version when clicked 15 times. My IF25a doesn’t report back with the same 15 clicks.

Sofirn was so kind to send me a sample of their new SC31 Pro (6.500K version) plus an extra magnetic tailcap. Thanks a lot to Sofirn.

I was not able to do any beamshots yet but I like to share my first impressions with you. Here is my verdict so far, comparing it with it's "in-house competitor" Wurkkos FC11 (prototype sample shown here):

Packaging & Content:

The light arrived in impeccable condition in Sofirn's new cardboard box design which looks more appealing than their former design. The extra tailcap was put into one these small boxes they use for small AAA lights like C01S/C01R. To my surprise the manual is now offered as a booklet in much more languages and with a better readability with a bigger font. The manual's layout however could still deserve a bit finetuning. Sofirn also found a nice way to highlight the necessity of removing the insulation paper from the battery. Once you take out the light from the box you will notice a small "badge" tied to the tailcap, informing you to remove the insulation before first use. Well done! The accessories are a 3.000mAh 18650 battery, a lanyard, a USB-C (type A-C) charging cable and the manual. The battery had an initial resting voltage of 3.95V.


Anyone who bought SC31B (the predecessor) or Wurkkos's FC11 will recognize a quite similar shape and design. Size-wise SC31 Pro is about the same compared to Wurkkos FC11. Both lights share the same threadings, so feel free to play LEGO with the parts. Even Sofirn's SP40 18350 tube will fit nicely to SC31 Pro, see below. I did not spot any significant imperfections. Everything is well made and assembled. The heat fins are not as sharp-edged as reported before on some other lights like SD05. They even took care of placing the laser engravings and tailcap lanyard hole in parallel to the side switch button. Being a nitpicking as usual I could mention a very small nick in the black-anodized clip and a very slight haze on the inner side of the glas lens - but this is nothing to worry about and therefore ony a sidenote. The LED is to my opinion well-focused in the reflector. Bottom line: Good job, Sofirn!


The flashlight comes with Andúril (revision is stated as 2020-03-18). The default UI of my sample uses stepped ramping and not smooth ramping as indicated in the manual. According to the manual the light will start at a regulated level of 125lm (1x 7135) after replacing the battery. The temperature check indicated 37°C at ambient conditions of 22°C, i.e. the flashlight is not calibrated from factory. Therefore, I recommend everyone to first do the thermal calibration (triple click from off, then three times doubleclick to enter temperature check, then another 4 clicks to enter thermal configuration, see manual). Once properly calibrated, there will be no early or late stepdowns. According to the manual the firmware is programmed to stepdown at 45°C already. I did not test this yet but it is a safe value for beginners and sensitive hands. If you want to unleash the full potential you may change the threshold to way more than 45°C.


As mentioned before, I did not have a chance to make beamshots yet. Still, the SST40 emitter fits very well to this light, providing a very allround-like beam profile with a distinct hotspot and a good proportion of spill around it. To my surprise the tint is absolutely not as coldwhite as expected. Those 6.500K look much more like 5.700K to my eyes which is great because many people on BLF and TLF seem to prefer tints below 6.500K. Maybe I get the chance to compare the 5.000K version with the 6.500K version to see the actual difference. TL;DR, those who are afraid of an AngryBlue™ don't have to be worried here.

Final words so far...

Sofirn's SC31 Pro is much more than just an evolution of the SC31B. It is also a great competitor or addition to Wurkkos's FC11. Those who prefer bare output as well as Andúril's flexibility over HighCRI and a simplified UI will be absolutely happy with this light. I am confident that both SC31 Pro and FC11 will be good recommendations for anyone who wants to buy an affordable but also powerful and versatile flashlight. These lights will also work greatly as gifts or for beginners who have just started to become flashomaniacs. For a bargain price between $ 15 (according to last week's promotion on AliExpress) and $ 30 you get a lot of flashlight in return.

Nice review, I wonder what warmer led around 4k would be easiest to make another version?
The other 2 things i was not as lucky. My sp40 350 tube very tight, only will go 1 end and i even wrote a note to include magnet tail but did not get one.
They make a nicer deep carry clip it would be perfect

Thanks for a great review. I have the 31B and am very happy with it but I really should get the Pro as well :slight_smile:

The head on the Wurkkos and Sofirn look almost identical to me!

They’re made by the same people :wink:

That would explain it, many thanks.

Warmer LED, there's an existing one, the SC31B with SST20-4000k, of course it's not as bright as SST40 though.

(Beamshots taken on max brightness level, at similar distance from the opposite wall ~ 18 meters / 60 feet ;

camera settings manually adjusted to the same setting: ISO: 800, 1/10th second shutter speed, "daylight" white balance, aperture: f/2.8)

Wurkkos FC11 (LH351D 5000k)

Sofirn SC31 Pro (SST40 6500k)

Sofirn SC31B (SST20-6500k)

Sofirn SC31B (SST20 4000k)

Thanks for the review , very informative
I’m still waiting for mine, SST40 5000K version.
how’s the driver mounted in the head? Does it seem easy to access/remove for possible repair/mod ? Retaining ring or glue?

Oh, this is the head, right?

:Head SC31 Pro?

Left łower picture?

I received mine SC31 Pro yesterday. The temperature check was showing around 40°C at room temperature. After calibration it works fine.

Yes, that’s the head. :-) I suppose it uses a retaining ring. And it could be a small hole at 12 o’clock position to use a tool for turning the ring (counter)clockwise.

sst-20 4k would be great but theres no Anduril on sc31b so either put anduril on that or warmer led in pro … which easier ?

If I recall correctly, Jackie (Sofirn) recently mentioned she wants to offer SC31 Pro not only in 5.000K but also in 4.000K tint. The latter tint is unfortunately more difficult to get but time will tell. Putting SST20 into SC31 Pro would certainly require some modding as SST40 uses a 5050 footprint whereas SST20 uses a 3535 footprint. Maybe Sofirn can provide both reflector, MCPCB and gaskets of SC31B to mod SC31 Pro.

Just got in the SC31 Pro - Isabella from Sofirn sent me one. I'll probably review it up on Amazon. I have two SC31B's, one modded running Anduril with a XPL HI NW. Side by side they are really close. I'll compare the body/host part of the light, since the B model I have runs Anduril anyway, but loses the charging.

What's the same:

  • the pill area is identical - same finning, same size,same USB connection setup, same switch
  • battery tubes appear identical - same knurling, style, size

What's Different:

  • the front bezel on the Pro is clearly shorter by 4.0 mm, and appears the reflector is shallower
  • the Pro's clip is black SS while the B's is stock SS finish, otherwise they appear to be 100% identical
  • the tailcap on the Pro accommodates a wrist strap and is therefore longer than the B's. They can LEGO - swapped, they both fit/work fine
  • SMO reflector on the Pro, mild OP on the B
  • USB-C now on the Pro, old style USB on the B

I much prefer the B's tailcap on the Pro - overall length is reduced by 2.5 mm and I don't mind losing the lanyard hole. Beside, typical on Sofirn lights, the lanyard hole has some sharp edges that will be the first spots to wear off the anodizing. That corner style lanyard hole is prone to that, not just on Sofirn lights but the Lumintop EDC18 has the same issue though I suspect the EDC18 has better anodizing. Stock, the Pro and B are very close in length, the Pro slightly shorter.

So in my judgment Pros/Cons of the Pro compared to the B:

  • like the black SS clip over the SS color!
  • like they shortened the length in the head, probably from shortening the reflector
  • not a fan of the new tailcap with the sharp edged lanyard hole - it's extra length just about evens out the shortening of the front bezel

Of course a big plus of the Pro is USB-C charging, that you don't have to lose by modding the B up to FET based Anduril.

Thanks for the comparison Tom. The SC31 pro sounds like a real winner.

Thanks. Didn't mention I really like the modded SC31B, specially the cost with the Amazon deal, and the Pro is all that plus built in USB-C and of course a more powerful LED, with SMO that even has a pretty good look'n beam.

Th one I got is 6500K blue, but the 5000K SST-40 is one of my favs as of late - all that power plus great consistent tint.

It's no frills, but makes a nice EDC. With Anduril and a lit switch controlled by Anduril, it's a nice upgrade from a comparable size and purpose Convoy S2/S2+.

Thanks for your SC31 Pro review Tom E , and the comparison with SC31B .
It’s always beneficial when a review is added with comparison with other flashlight. Really good info on the tailcap compatibility with SC31B. Me too, i prefer magnetic tailcap and have been using that feature (in another flashlight) a lot. And never use lanyard at all.

The tailcap isn’t actually new. It’s a recycling of the tailcap from the SP32 series, and (obviously, now) interchangeable with the SP31 models.

I believe the shorter head of the Pro, combined with the SC31/B’s tailcap, or the new magnetic version, make for the most compact configuration of the their 18650 tube lights. I really like my SP32Av2s (XP-L2 beam aside), but I guess they think the SP31 is their direction going forward, by giving it a more balanced beam and the other new features.

I like the black clip as well. Hopefully at some point, Sofirn will make them available for sale as parts. I’d grab a couple at the same time as the magnetic cap for my B.

S2+ = very good quality budget light for the masses.
imo SC31 PRO = very good quality Anduril budget light for the masses.
(it’s the lowest priced Anduril flashlight , right?).
Well, about quality, I think it’ll take more time to find out, long-term durability will be a big factor here.
Hopefully Sofirn will be releasing it with various other emitters to suit people’s needs/preferences.

I’m sure there are many BLF users here with many experiences with Sofirn flashlights, are they durable? How do they compare to the Convoy S2+ ?
So far I only have Convoy flashlights , I really like them, more than 3 years EDC, really good and durable. One of my S2+ is always in my jean’s pocket.
Yup, very durable, except for the problematic biscotti driver, one of my S2+ is stuck in 100% mode :smiley: :smiley: . The 3/5 mode version has no problem at all.