Sofirn SC31 PRO, New Anduril Flashlight

Ha ha. Me too. I don’t know enough people that appreciate good torches to give away. I place them in my cars, basement, work, 1st floor, 2nd floor, attic? I gave my first SC31b to a friend hoping to hook him but it didn’t take. I have one brother that collects but he is many states away. Maybe a BLF shelf clearing sale.

Got mine the other day as well. 3wk from date order placed, not too bad.

Very floody in comparison to the SC31B, not much of a defined hotspot.
Everything looks and works properly so far but noticed the USB connection is off center, is everyone else’s like this?
tight squeeze.

Mine doesn’t look like your pic. My USB is centered/aligned with the opening. Hope that helps.

Mine is also off center, but plugs in fine and charged up fine for the first time tonight.

Does the rubber cover fit into the USB C slot?

That’s a very neat light actually

Still a little long for everyday pocket carry. The extra mass is good for actually using it though. It would be more of a grab off the table and stuff into my pocket for a walk outside kind of light.

I’m thinking of using it with the 18350 tube and a deep carry clip. I wish both of them came with the light though.

No, just the larger hole above it

Damn, i thought i checked the 18350 tube when i got it but i guess not, seems the SC31Pro head threads are slightly different than the SC31B,sp40, etc…
:frowning: doesn’t fit

Weird that either tail cap fits either body…

Can we swap the battery tube with Convoy S2+’s tube ? :question:
I have a spare 18350 tube .

Strange. According to Nooner the official Sofirn short tube should fit:

Hmm guess i’m just lucky, lol. Maybe my ano or threads are slightly off.

It will thread but extremely tight. Down to 3.25” with 350 tube and old tailcap :slight_smile:

Good idea but I like the run time a 18650 gives . Life is a compromise though.

I just checked the thread compatability of my SC31Pro with some of my other Sofirn lights.

I’ve discovered that the internal threads of the SC31Pro head are tighter than my other SC models. Very little backlash.

The threadform is the same between the models. The machining tolerance of the 31Pro head is tight. Evidently too tight in your example jp9mm.

Does anyone know of a good pocket clip that works well with the the light in 18350 configuration?

Somebody mentioned Astrolux S1/BLF A6 clip should work so I ordered one to test.

Thank you for the input McCatface.
Yah that definitely could be a candidate. Let us know how it works out.

I KNOW I should post pics or a video but time isn’t on my side these days. However, I have used this light for two nights now and I like it a lot. That said… for another few bucks I still like my IF25a a little better for the larger battery and wider, deeper beam.

Don’t get me wrong here… this SC31 Pro is a keeper. I suspect IF I elected to do the EDC “thing”, that it would be a better fit all around. But for the light jacket/gym shorts pocket light in the larger garden I do prefer the IF25a with a 5000mAh/10A Epoch (50g) battery. It doesn’t cook in the hand using this 50g battery like when using the Molicel P42a (excellent high current, but just not needed for my use in this light- gets hot FAST!).

The SC31 Pro does get hot about as fast as the IF25a using the 50g so it’s probably a bit better in the heat management dept. if I used a higher capacity 16850 in for longer run times (like the 50g in the IF25a).

Two GREAT lights, and I’m looking forward to getting my 5k version of the SC31 Pro for closer-in use where the color should be superb!

Just more random thoughts as I play with this thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the report Zappaman, it’s good to hear you’re happy with the lights. How’s the built-in charging function, is it good? Could you compare its performance to external charger in term of charging speed etc?

BLF-L, Charging works fine so far and unlike my IF25a (which only charges to about 4.15V, BUT reports 4.2 using Anduril’s voltage check) this SC31 Pro charges all the way up to 4.2V (and reports it correctly in Anduril).

I’ve only used A-C USB charging so it’s not a speed demon in any case, but I usually charge overnight so no matter to me. I’ve had a 25R in it, topped off- both the last two nights but now that comparisons are done the SC31 Pro will get an LG MJ1 which won’t be quite as bright on turbo, but have another 1000mAh’s of capacity/run-time.

Last note is that the Anduril version is higher than my IF25a’s too. The SC31 Pro reports back what was said to be the March ’20 version when clicked 15 times. My IF25a doesn’t report back with the same 15 clicks.